What To Do When Your Roof Incurs Wind Damage

What To Do When Your Roof Incurs Wind DamageWind damgaged shingle roof

After a rough windstorm, it’s very common for homeowners to ignore the condition of their roofs. By neglecting your roof after a windstorm, you are possibly looking at much bigger problems than just a leaky roof. It’s very important to know when your roof has incurred wind damage, and what to do after wind damages your roof.

How Do High Winds Damage My Roof?

An important factor to keep in mind is the layout of your home. The layout directly affects your home’s wind loading, or the amount of pressure wind applies to your home. Particular areas are more prone to wind damage, like the corners or eaves. However, there are ways to minimize the threats to these areas, therefore avoiding some costly storm damage repairs to your home. 

Contrary to popular belief, windstorms actually have the ability to cause more property damage than rainstorms or snowstorms. Many asphalt shingle roofs deal with wind speeds up to 90 mph. And this is rather alarming, as most wind and thunderstorms produce winds up to 100 mph.

For more information on how bad weather damages your roof, click this link here.

Are You Certain You’ve Incurred Wind Damages?

There are several ways to identify wind damage. But to stay on the safe side, it’s highly recommended to contact an experienced roofing contractor. Below we’ve listed just a few obvious signs that you’ve incurred wind damage:

  • Missing/Damaged Shingles: The loss of shingles is the most obvious sign that you’ve sustained wind damage; it’s hard to miss several shingles in your driveway or yard. Another thing to look for is general damage to your shingles. This includes curling, peeling, cracks, etc. 
  • Scattered Roofing Nails: After a fierce windstorm, be wary of several nails and the like on the ground. It’s highly recommended to comb your driveway/yard carefully to pick up any scattered materials/nails. 
  • Granule Loss: Granule, the sandpaper-like exterior of the shingle, is easily scattered by high winds. More often than not, the dispersed granule is more than likely piled up in your gutters.
  • Damaged Soffit or Fascia: Soffits and fascia are meant to run water off your roof away from your home. So when you’re experiencing any abnormal leaks after an intense windstorm, then it wouldn’t be surprising to discover damaged soffits or fascia. 

What Do I Do When Wind Damages My Roof?

When you know for certain that you’ve incurred wind damage, there are a few things you should take care of as soon as possible.

  • Contact a licensed contractor: The first thing you should do is contact a licensed contractor. Preferably a reputable one, who will inspect your property thoroughly for you. When there is any damages present, the contractor on site should document any damages for you.
  • Find out what your insurance covers: Following the inspection, you should turn to your insurance agency next. Ask whether or not your homeowner’s insurance covers wind damage, and don’t wait too long. After all, the damages to your roof will get worse over time when not handled immediately. When all goes well, you should be able to get your wind damage fixed in no time. 
  • Prevent future wind damages: Once you’ve taken care of the immediate problem, now is the time to look to the future. After any brutal windstorm down the line, you’ll want a contractor with great customer service, roof maintenance tips, and quality roofing products on standby whenever you’re in need of them.

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