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Are you certain that your gutters in West Chester, Ohio are in their best condition? If they’re not, then you could be looking at several preventable damages. Van Martin in West Chester strives to keep our customer’s gutter systems in top shape. We care about your system just as much as you do, and professionally install the best roofing products on your property. 

We’ve been helping homeowners with their home improvement projects for years. We offer free, detailed inspections of your property before we do any work, so you know exactly what’s going on with your system.


Damages to your roofing materials and gutters are expected in the long run. After years of rainfall, storms, and snow, it’s no surprise when your system requires work. The real goal is preventing easily avoidable damages that could cost you dearly. Below we’ve listed a few consequences of poorly installed gutters.

  • Basement Flooding If your downspouts aren’t working properly, water won’t be pushed far enough from the home. It could then lead to the flooding of your basement.
  • Yard ErosionAll of the debris and gunk in your system could damage your yard and garden if the water isn’t flowing properly.
  • Mold & Mildew Clogging creates pools of standing water, and if left alone long enough, this leads to the development of mold/mildew. This water can also lead to the cracking and discoloration of your system.
  • Discoloration Your siding could become discolored and stagnant if water starts to leak from your system.
  • Insects Insects are drawn to dirty, standing water and debris. Allow your water to flow freely throughout your system to prevent this situation.

Types of Gutters

Van Martin in West Chester carries a litany of different materials for your system. All of these materials come in different colors and styles, so they can best match your home. Below are a few materials we offer and specialize in:

  • Aluminum Aluminum gutters are widespread due to their affordability and cost-effectiveness. The only downside is their tendency to become dented during intense storms. It should also be noted that they’re fairly easy to install.
  • Vinyl Vinyl gutters are renowned for their lightweight design and affordability. However, these are also very susceptible to damages. This is even more frequent in colder areas, where the weather causes cracking along the system when it becomes frozen.
  • Steel For those who can afford this material, steel products are very durable and long-lasting.
  • Copper Very similar to steel, copper gutters provide great curb appeal but tend to be a bit higher in costs.
  • Wood Wood gutters are available but they are mainly installed on older/historic homes where costly gutter repairs and maintenance aren’t an issue.


While no one likes doing it, it’s very important to regularly check and clean your gutters. It’s actually a fairly simple task, that usually requires just a bucket, ladder, and gloves. Experts recommend performing this task at least twice a year. If you’d rather leave this work to someone else, contact us at Van Martin to install gutter guards atop your system.

Gutter Guards

Constantly having to unclog your system is a pain no homeowner wants. This is why many homeowners are utilizing gutter guards. Also known as gutter covers, gutter guards are basically meshed covers that are placed over the entire system, while still letting water pass through. No matter what type of gutter guard you have atop your home, it will drastically decrease cleaning and maintenance. For those interested, Van Martin can give a free evaluation of your system.

Why Choose Van Martin?

When looking for a contractor near you for gutter replacement, repairs, or maintenance, you should never cut corners. Here at Van Martin in West Chester, we never sacrifice quality for our customers. We also specialize in roof repair and replacement, skylights, siding, and much more! For more information regarding our services, call us or schedule a free evaluation online! We also service gutters in Sharonville, Mason, Monroe, Loveland, Lebanon, Blue Ash, Hamilton, and more.