Roof Replacement in West Chester, Ohio

West Chester, Ohio Roof Replacement

When performing a roof replacement in West Chester, Ohio, you’ll want the best contractors on your property. If you settle for a poor roofing contractor near you, you’ll most likely encounter problems down the line. So look no further than Van Martin in West Chester. We’ve accumulated the expertise and knowledge surrounding roofing. Van Martin works on all types of roofing materials and uses several different top-of-the-line roofing products.

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Shingle roof in West Chester Ohio

Asphalt roofing is the most common roofing system in the United States. They are cost-effective, fairly durable, and somewhat easy to install. However, if every square foot isn’t placed properly, you’ll no doubt have problems in the near future. Van Martin in West Chester has more than enough experience to handle a shingle roof replacement. We are a CertainTeed Master Shingle Contractor, we believe CertainTeed brings the utmost durability to our customers’ roofs. You can rest easy knowing your system is in reliable hands with reliable products.

West Chester, Ohio metal roof

Metal roofing materials are energy-efficient, very durable, and environmentally friendly. They are one of the more expensive roofing systems when compared to others. Metal roofing costs are high, but if you can afford it, you’ll notice the benefits almost immediately. Of those benefits, a few are 50+ year lifespan, cutting cooling costs up to 40%, and lack of needed maintenance. So contact Van Martin in West Chester for a metal roof replacement, we utilize metal panels, metal shingles, and so many other steel roofing products.

West Chester, Ohio Flat roof

Businesses and homeowners are choosing flat systems more and more in West Chester, Ohio. After all, labor costs are low, installation costs are low, and they’re pretty durable. They’re even energy-efficient, which makes them a great choice for anyone thinking about the long term. So when looking for a roofing company to handle your flat roof replacement, give us a call at Van Martin in West Chester.

Why Choose Van Martin?

Van Martin in West Chester strives to help home and business owners with their properties. Not only do we do replacements, but we also do roof repairs, gutters, siding, skylights, and much more. If you’re interested, contact Van Martin for a free evaluation. We provide a thorough report for your property regarding its condition, what needs to be done, and what can wait. Give us a call today! We also offer roof replacement services in Springboro, Centerville, Beavercreek, Dayton, Vandalia, and more.