Gutters in Indian Hill Ohio

Indian Hill, Ohio Gutter Services

Gutter Repair, Replacement, and Installation in Indian Hill Ohio

Having a good gutter system is essential for your home if you live in Indian Hill, Ohio. Because of the constant rainfall in the southwestern Ohio area, debris often gets into your gutter system. Here at Van Martin, we recommend installing quality gutter protection and performing routine gutter cleaning to avoid costly damage repairs. Although, our services don’t stop with gutters and we also offer roofing, skylight, and siding services.


Protecting the home you’ve invested in is absolutely important and when it comes to your property and its upkeep, you should never cut corners. Poorly installed and maintained gutter systems can lead to any of the following common issues:

  • Basement Flooding due to water gathering at the foundation.
  • Yard Erosion from improper drainage steering water away from flower beds, grass, etc.
  • Mold & Mildew can form in gutters and at the base of the roofing system due to standing water.
  • Discoloratioto your siding and brick when water overflows or runs down the siding.
  • Insects’ ultimate breeding ground is a drainage system holding stagnant water.

Types of Gutters

There are many types of gutters and many different materials for each one. Each type and material has its benefits as well as its faults. Below we’ve listed some of our most common materials:

  • Aluminum – Lightweight and easy to work with but can be dented when moderate pressure is applied.
  • Vinyl – Even more lightweight than aluminum gutters and affordable yet is susceptible to cracking in extremely cold conditions.
  • Steel – A popular option for its durability and aesthetics but is less affordable than the first two options.
  • Copper – One of the most durable options and on top of durability, copper is extremely stylish.


Here at Van Martin, we recommend gutter maintenance be performed twice a year. That’s once in the spring to gather winter’s debris and once in the fall to gather leaves and objects from the summer months. Whether you perform the maintenance or hire a professional crew like Van Martin is up to whether you want to deal with the hassle and work involved.

Gutter Guards

The ultimate protection for any gutter system is with gutter guards. These systems keep your gutters free of leaves and other large debris and ultimately keep your drainage system clog-free. We offer the industry-leading ShurFlo gutter covers, among other options. On top of protection, gutter guards also make maintenance easy by either letting debris roll off your home or collecting it on a flat surface while allowing water to drain.

Why Choose Van Martin?

Choosing Van Martin is choosing a contractor that genuinely cares about the customer’s journey. We’re passionate about serving Indian Hill as well as all of southwestern Ohio with more than just new roofs, siding, etc., we want to give our customers a property that they can be proud to call their own. We service roofs, gutters, siding, skylights, and much more. No job is too big or small for our well-experienced and professional team members. We also service gutters in Blue Ash, Sharonville, Springdale, Loveland, West Chester, Milford, and more.