Skylights in Indian Hill Ohio

Skylights in Indian Hill Ohio

Indian Hill, Ohio Skylight Services

Home and business owners can count on Van Martin to provide premier installation of skylights in Indian Hill, Ohio. We partner with Velux Skylights to offer a no-leak skylight that holds a 10-year installation warranty. All across southwestern Ohio, we’ve been providing skylight replacement and installation services to property owners for over a decade. Our services aren’t only limited to skylights, but also roofs, gutters, siding, and much more!

Skylight Options

  • Electric Venting Skylight Overhead skylights that automatically open and close depending on the presence of sunlight and rain.
  • Manual Venting Skylight – Overhead or in-reach systems that can be manually opened to allow for fresh air.
  • Fixed Skylight – Overhead and fixed skylights in rooms that don’t require ventilation.
  • Roof Window – Typically installed in attics or garages and are in reach.
  • SUN TUNNEL™ Skylight – Sometimes you might want a skylight in a tight space or somewhere where the tunnel needs to be more than 4 feet. That’s where a Sun Tunnel comes in handy.

Skylight Accessories

Pair your Velux Skylight with one of our options of accessories. We carry wall-mounted keypads, remotes, and various types of blinds. When it comes to blinds, we have solar, Venetian, roller, and blackout blinds.

Adding a skylight to your home is the ultimate investment so why not take it to the next level?

Why Choose Van Martin?

When you choose to work with Van Martin, you choose a contractor that is highly dedicated and experienced in all types of roofing and exterior work. After years in the roofing business, we still haven’t lost that personal touch that many contractors have in this industry. We’re committed to providing a customer experience that is unmatched across the board. Van Martin is also known for its extensive options for warranties. You can set up your free comprehensive roof or exterior report by calling today!

Additionally, we also offer our skylight services in Blue Ash, Loveland, Sharonville, West Chester, Mason, and more.