Flat Roof Repair

Information About: Tar & Gravel

Tar & Gravel roofs have been around for centuries. Constructed by layering asphalt and felt then finishing the system with a heavy coat of asphalt and gravel, these systems are used primarily on large commercial flat roof area. Tar & Gravel usage has been replaced with more effective modern systems.

Cracked Surface

As a flat roof expands and contracts the roof system moves. This is a daily occurrence and is associated with Thermal Shock. Sometimes a tree branch or flying debris may impact the roof causing damage. When people walk across the roof they can cause damage. The membrane on this roof has been damaged. Since this […]

Fiberglass Intermat Showing

Tar & Gravel roof construction starts with layers of fiberglass felt paper and asphalt. This intermat is not a waterproofing layer until it is layered with asphalt and more fiberglasses felt paper. Over time the membrane surface wears down. Eventually the fiberglass felt will become exposed. It is generally accepted that when this occurs it […]