Roof Replacement in Vandalia Ohio

Vandalia, Ohio Roof Replacement

Roof replacement in Vandalia, Ohio, is no small matter. For example, did you know that installation errors account for 47% of all roofing failures? Thus, hiring a reputable contractor near you is important. When it comes to replacement, Van Martin is more experienced and knowledgeable than other roofing contractors in Vandalia, Ohio. We work on all types of materials, and all types of roofs whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

You can set up a free comprehensive roof report with our team at any time. Additionally, you can get an instant estimate on your shingle roof replacement directly on our Pricing page!

Shingle replacement in Vandalia, Ohio

If done improperly, a bad shingle replacement can cause a litany of problems. You could end up with several leaks and other signs of damage. So you’ll want the best products and the best roofing company to handle your replacement. Here at Van Martin, we’re certified by CertainTeed, a shingle manufacturer that carries the best products for your system. With CertainTeed products, your shingle system will pay off in the long term.

Metal replacement in Vandalia, Ohio

There’s a reason the cost of metal roofing materials is higher when compared to other materials. Metal materials are extremely durable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. That’s only if your metal roof replacement is installed properly. If even just one square foot of metal panels or metal shingles are laid out wrong, it could affect the entire system. So give us a call at Van Martin to handle your metal replacement project!

Flat roof replacement in Vandalia, Ohio

Flat roof replacements are becoming more and more commonplace for businesses and homeowners in Montgomery County. That’s due to flat systems having a lower cost, energy efficiency, and wind/water resistance. Van Martin carries and works on PTO, PVC, and EPDM materials for flat systems. If you’re unsure about the needs of your roof, call Van Martin for a free evaluation so we can discuss the best options for your property.

Why Choose Van Martin?

We’re all about helping home and business owners make the right choices with their properties. We’ve been in business for several years, and plan to be around for many more to come. Our expert contractors don’t cut corners and also perform work on gutters, siding, skylights, and much more. So next time you’re thinking about any home improvement project, contact us at Van Martin Roofing!

Van Martin services not only the Greater Dayton area, but we are also expanding our services throughout Montgomery County and all of southwestern Ohio. Click below or call us today to set up your comprehensive home report! We also offer roof replacement services in Dayton, Beavercreek, Centerville, Springboro, West Chester, and more.