Gutters in Trenton Ohio

Gutters in Trenton Ohio

Trenton, Ohio Gutter Repair, Replacement, and Installation

It’s important to maintain high-quality gutters in Trenton, Ohio. If they’re not in good condition, it can lead to costly repairs. Contact Van Martin when you need help with your system. You can relax knowing you’ve hired a company that does it all. 

Whether you need roofing or gutter protection, we have what you need. So next time you’re in need of a reputable roofing company in Trenton, give us a call to schedule your comprehensive roof or exterior report.

Potential Damages

Damaged roofing materials are unavoidable. Although, the right contractor will limit the damages to your property. On the other hand, if you hire a cheap, shoddy contractor, you could be looking at any of these issues:

  • Basement Flooding Water that doesn’t flow far enough away from your home can find its way into your basement.
  • Yard Erosion Water can erode your lawn and leave dead spots throughout your property.
  • Mold & Mildew Mold & mildew come from water that’s been standing for too long. The moisture damages your home’s foundation, underlayment, and exterior.
  • Discoloration The siding of your home can easily become discolored and damaged when water from your system leaks down.
  • Insects The best environment for egg-laying mosquitos and other insects is a wet and stagnant water source. So if you have a clogged system, these insects just might build their nests there.

Here at Van Martin, we’ll work hard to make sure your home is thoroughly protected from whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Whether it’s for gutter replacement or gutter repair in Trenton, Ohio, just know that our roofing contractors can handle it.

Types of Gutters

When it comes to choosing the best materials, there are many options available to you. There are several different systems, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. We currently offer multiple types of materials in different colors and styles which you can learn more about below:

  • Aluminum Aluminum gutter systems are very common and easy to install. They’re lightweight and easy to work with, but they can also be dented fairly easily by debris that falls on them.
  • Vinyl Homeowners who want a lightweight installation with a variety of color choices usually choose vinyl gutters. However, it should be noted that this material usually cracks when exposed to extremely cold conditions.
  • Steel Steel materials are popular because of their incredible durability. They can last for years, even with regular wear and tear. The downside is that these gutters cost more if the right care and materials are used during installation.
  • Copper Copper gutters systems have a higher cost to install, but they offer great durability and style.
  • Wood Van Martin rarely installs wooden gutters because they are more expensive to maintain/repair. Also, these systems are usually installed onto historic/older homes.

The strength, curb appeal, and cost of a gutter system depend on the materials. If you have any questions regarding any of these materials, contact our team today. We’ll be sure to address all of your concerns and questions.


Gutter cleaning can be a very tiresome and difficult task. It only takes a bucket, ladder, and work gloves to do on your own, but can still be very tedious. To ensure no problems, experts from the roofing industry recommend performing this task twice a year. That would be once in the fall, then once again in the spring. 

Van Martin understands that for many people, taking care of your gutters can be a hassle. That’s why our company offers gutter cleaning services. The quality of our work is unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

Gutter Guards

Also referred to as gutter covers, micro-mesh gutter guards are a simple way to make sure debris doesn’t clog your system. This way water can easily flow through your system, while any leaves or small debris are caught. Additionally, no matter which type of gutter guard you have, you’ll no longer have to clean and service your system. Get these guards installed to save yourself time and money in the long run.

Why Choose Van Martin?

At Van Martin, we know about more than just gutters. We also replace, repair, and install roofs of all kinds. Furthermore, we also do work on all types of siding, skylights, windows, and insulation. 

Whatever you need to be installed or repaired doesn’t matter, don’t hesitate to call us for a  consultation. Van Martin performs work on all residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We also service gutters in Middletown, Monroe, Hamilton, Springboro, Germantown, and more.