Wind Damage Roof Repair in Dayton

Wind Damage Shingle Repair Near Me

Do you need a “wind damage expert near me” or a “emergency wind damage roofer near me” in Greater Cincinnati? If so, you’re in the right place!

Van Martin Roofing is always ready to come out to your home and help with emergency storm damage to residential and commercial roofing.

Wind damage presents a significant threat to the integrity of your roof. In fact, wind damage can lead to displaced or damaged shingles. These wind-damaged shingles expose the underlying structure to harsh environmental conditions. Ohio’s weather can be brutal! This can potentially lead to leaks, water damage, and even structural instability over time. Because of this, it is vital to promptly address wind damage to your roof to prevent escalated costs and extensive repair work.

Local roofing companies like Van Martin Roofing of Dayton specialize in identifying and repairing wind damage, acting swiftly to protect your home from the elements. Prompt attention to wind-damaged roofs secures the longevity of your roof and the safety of your home, illustrating the importance of professional roofing services in maintaining the integrity of your dwelling. Trust us, we’ve been in this business for more than 20 years and we’ve seen it all!

Van Martin Roofing proudly serves Dayton, Moraine, Oakwood, Trotwood, Vandalia, Kettering, Riverside, Beavercreek, Centerville, Xenia, Huber Heights, Fairborn, West Carrolton and surrounding areas.

As part of the Greater Dayton, Ohio community, your friends at Van Martin Roofing of Dayton deeply cherish the vibrant local culture and attractions. We love this community and believe in giving back! The enlightening Boonshoft Museum of Discovery inspires us with its commitment to lifelong learning, while the Scene 75 Entertainment Center illustrates the joyous spirit of the community. Moreover, the serene Carriage Hill MetroPark shows us the beauty of nature in our own backyard, fostering a sense of peace and belonging. These facets of Dayton enrich our lives and motivate us to give back to this wonderful community we’re proud to be part of.

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Signs of Wind Damage to Roof

Sometimes the signs of wind damage are obvious. Other times, it isn’t so clear.

Wind damage to roofs can happen in a variety of ways. Some common signs include missing or damaged shingles, often with curled, cracked, or torn edges. You may also notice granule loss on shingles, or even shingles appearing in your yard. Leaks or penetrations in your home or attic are another sure sign. These often reveal themselves through water stains or damp spots. Other signs include chimney problems, such as cracks or missing pieces, and metal pieces or other roof components displaced. If you notice these signs, a professional assessment from our experts at Van Martin Roofing of Dayton is strongly advised. We are a proud part of the Miami Valley Ohio area community. Call us today for a free storm damage inspection!

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Missing shingles on Dayton home

Are you dealing with damaged or missing shingles? When damage strikes your roof in the form of missing or wind-damaged shingles, the implications can be far-reaching and very expensive in the long run. Initially, the aesthetic value of your home is compromised. More critically though, these damaged or missing shingles leave your roof and, consequently, your home a lot more vulnerable. They can expose the underlayment and roofing deck to the elements, leading to leaks and water damage. Over time, this can cause structural issues, rot, and potential mold growth. Because of this, prompt attention to these issues is essential. A reputable company like Van Martin Roofing of Dayton can help you assess the damage and perform the necessary repairs or replacements.

Dented or Cracked Shingles

Cracked shingle in Dayton Ohio

Dented or cracked shingles are common roofing issues that can lead to significant problems if left unattended. Often caused by adverse weather conditions or falling debris, dents in shingles can compromise the integrity of your roof, leading to leaks and internal damage that can be extremely expensive. Cracked shingles, on the other hand, could be a sign of aging or poor installation and may result in similar issues. Entrusting the repair of dented or cracked shingles to experienced professionals, like Van Martin Roofing of Dayton, is advisable to ensure the longevity and durability of your roof. Timely maintenance can prevent minor issues from escalating into major, costly repairs. If you have cracked or dented shingles or any other issues, we encourage you to call us right away!

Leaking Roof

Leaking roof in Dayton Ohio

Storm damage often results in critical roof leaks that can severely compromise the structural integrity of a building. Heavy rain, hail, or wind can displace shingles, creating openings for water infiltration. These leaks may not be immediately visible but can gradually cause significant internal damage. Moisture seeping into the structure can lead to mold growth, insulation degradation, and rotting of the internal framework. Long-term exposure to such leaks can result in expensive repairs. To prevent these issues, it’s recommended to seek professional help from trusted roof repair services like Van Martin Roofing of Dayton. With 20 years in this business, we’ve seen it all and fixed things other storm roofers weren’t able to fix. We are known for our expertise in handling roof leak repairs.

Debris on Roof

Roof debris removal in Dayton Ohio

Storms can leave a trail of debris on your roof, which can pose a wide range ofrisks. Twigs, leaves, and other detritus can accumulate, impeding water flow off the roof, leading to leaks or water damage. Over time, this debris on the roof can cause the deterioration of roofing materials, shortening the life of your roof. Additionally, accumulated debris might become a breeding ground for mold, algae, and other harmful organisms that can further damage the roof or even infiltrate your home. In the worst-case scenario, large debris such as fallen tree limbs can cause immediate, visible damage. It’s here that professional services like Van Martin Roofing of Dayton become invaluable, offering expert roof debris removal to mitigate these problems. If you have debris on your roof, whether it’s a residential roof or a commercial roof, we encourage you to call us right away!

Loose or Hanging Gutters

Hanging gutter in Dayton Ohio

Dealing with loose or hanging gutters is a big deal for homeowners. Fortunately, we handle these with ease.

Loose or hanging gutters are a common part of the aftermath of severe storms, often caused by high winds, heavy rain, or hail. Gutters that were once firmly attached to the house often begin sagging or pulling away. When this happens, you need the help of a professional gutter expert!

This detachment not only disrupts the aesthetics of your home but also impedes the gutter system’s functionality, leading to potential water damage. It’s crucial that we reattach loose gutters promptly to preserve the integrity of your home and its foundation. Otherwise, it will cost more in the long run and we are here to save you money not cost you too much. If you’re experiencing gutter problems, Van Martin Roofing of Dayton has your back! We can offer expert assistance in repairing and re-securing your damaged gutters. We offer emergency gutter services throughout Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati.

Wind Damaged Roof in Dayton Ohio

The Urgency of Repairing Wind Damage to Roof

Delaying roof repairs, especially after wind damage, can cause serious long-term consequences. At Van Martin Roofing, we urge you not to make storm damage repairs on your own or delay the process.

Wind damage, even minor, exposes the roof to the elements, accelerating wear, and increasing the risk of further damage from subsequent weather events. Ohio’s weather can be brutal for your roof. Over time, this can escalate into significant structural problems. Water intrusion, a common problem, can cause wood rot and mold growth, compromising the integrity of your home and posing health risks. Additionally, unaddressed wind damage can lead to loss of insulation, which results in higher energy bills due to increased heating and air conditioning needs quicly.

At Van Martin Roofing of Dayton, we understand the risks associated with neglecting wind damage repairs and strive to provide prompt, professional service to safeguard your home from severe damage and additional financial burdens. We understand how addressing roof repairs promptly after wind damage is crucial to maintain the longevity of your roof and the safety of your home.

We encourage you to call us today!

Wind Damage Services for Your Roof

Shingle Repair

Shingle repair in Dayton Ohio

We at Van Martin Roofing of Dayton specialize in comprehensive shingle repair services. Our team of seasoned professionals identifies and tackles roofing issues quickly, ensuring the longevity and durability of your roof. From minor fixes to major repairs, our expertise extends across all shingle types, reflecting an unwavering commitment to quality. Whether it’s weather damage or general wear and tear, we carefully assess each situation and implement the most efficient solutions. Trust Van Martin Roofing of Dayton to deliver exceptional shingle repair services, reinforcing the safety and aesthetic value of your home.

Roof Leaks

Roof leak from ceiling in Dayton Ohio

Ohio’s storms causing you to spring a leak in your roof?

At Van Martin Roofing, we specialize in top-tier roof leak repair services throughout the Miami Valley. Our team of expert roofing contractors is dedicated to promptly identifying and repairing any leaks to prevent further damage to your home. We are equipped with the best tools and equipment, and we have extensive experience. In short, we ensure a seamless and long-lasting solution to your roofing issues. We understand that a roof leak can lead to severe structural damage if not addressed quickly. Because of this, our services are designed to provide fast and efficient repairs with minimal disruption. With this being the case, we encourage you to trust Van Martin Roofing of Dayton for enduring roof leaks repair services.

Roof Debris Removal

Roof debris removal in Dayton Ohio

At Van Martin Roofing of Dayton, we offer comprehensive roof debris removal services to keep your roof in optimal condition. Whether you’re dealing with accumulated leaves, debris after a storm, or remnants from a roofing project, our expert team is equipped to handle it all. We implement meticulous cleaning techniques that preserve the integrity of your roof and prevent potential damage. Our services go beyond simple cleaning — we also conduct an inspection to detect any underlying issues. Because of this, we encourage you to trust Van Martin Roofing of Dayton for a clean, debris-free roof that enhances the longevity of your property. For “roof debris removal services near me” in Greater Dayton, call us today!

Gutter Repair

Gutter repair Dayton Ohio

Gutter damage is nothing to be taken lightly. You need your gutters functioning properly to protect your home. At Van Martin Roofing of Dayton we offer exceptional gutter repair services to safeguard your home against potential water damage. Our skilled team performs thorough inspections, identifying and addressing issues promptly. We handle everything from minor leaks to significant damage, ensuring that your gutters are functioning effectively. We use high-quality materials for durable repairs, providing peace of mind and longevity. Because of all this and more, we encourage you to trust Van Martin Roofing of Dayton to protect your home with superior gutter repair services. For “gutter repair near me” call us right away!

Roof inspection for wind damage in Dayton Ohio
Roof inspection with drone in Dayton Ohio
Step by Step Roof Repair Process

The process of roof repair is a meticulous one and involves several essential steps. When it comes to professional service, nobody performs these steps more efficiently and professionally than Van Martin Roofing of Dayton. In the following, our local storm damage roofers break everything down step by step:

Inspection: The process begins with a thorough inspection of the roof by the professionals at Van Martin Roofing of Dayton. We identify the damage and determine the extent of the necessary repairs.

Protection: The next step is to secure the surrounding areas of the home. This includes covering the landscaping and windows to protect them from falling debris. We help with this as well.

Removal: The damaged or old roofing material is then carefully removed. This is an essential step as it ensures the new material adheres properly to the roof structure.

Repair: The Van Martin Roofing team then repairs any damage to the underlying structure of the roof. This can include replacing rotting wood or repairing broken trusses. We perform repairs in the most efficient manner.

Replacement: After the necessary repairs to the structure, the new roofing material is installed. This involves placing the material on the roof, securing it, and sealing any seams to prevent water infiltration.

Cleanup: Post-installation, the team ensures the work site is cleaned thoroughly. All debris is removed, and the surrounding area is restored to its original condition.

Final Inspection: Lastly, a final inspection is conducted by our team at Van Martin Roofing. This inspection ensures that all work has been completed to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Each of these steps is carried out diligently and with the utmost attention to detail by your friends here at Van Martin Roofing of Dayton, ensuring that your roof is not just repaired, but restored to its optimal state. Because of this, we encourage you to trust Van Martin for a smooth, hassle-free roof repair process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wind Roof Repair

When assessing wind damage to your roof, it’s important to consider the extent and severity of the damage. No one understands this better than us. Minor issues, like a few missing or damaged shingles, can often be repaired without the need for a full roof replacement. However, if a significant area of your roof is affected, or if the underlying structure has been compromised, a roof replacement may be necessary. If that’s the case, Van Martin Roofing of Dayton is a trusted authority in evaluating wind damage and can provide expert advice on whether repair or replacement would be the best solution for your home. Always remember, ensuring the safety and structural integrity of your home should be the top priority.

Usually, homeowners insurance does provide coverage for wind damage to the roof. This coverage can encompass problems from a variety of wind-related events, such as hurricanes, hailstorms, windstorms, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. However, it’s important to review your specific policy as coverage can differ based on your location and the individual terms of your insurance agreement. If you’re dealing with wind damage in Dayton, experts like your friends at Van Martin Roofing can help. We can assist you in assessing the damage and making necessary repairs, reducing the stress of the situation and ensuring your roof is restored to its optimal condition.

Wind damage on a roof can manifest in various forms. But we’ve seen it all. For one, shingles may be missing or torn off completely. This can indicate that the roof has experienced high-speed winds. You might also notice curling or peeling at the edges of shingles, a sign of wind getting underneath them. In some cases, debris or tree branches propelled by the wind can cause visible dents or punctures. Tiles can be loosened or completely displaced, especially in the case of clay or slate roofs. Always remember, if you notice any signs of wind damage on your roof, professionals like Van Martin Roofing of Dayton is equipped to provide efficient and effective solutions.

Filing an insurance claim for roof wind damage can be a daunting process. Nevertheless, by following these steps, you can simplify the task.

  • Assess the Damage: Start by identifying and documenting the extent of the wind damage on your roof. Take photographs and write down details which can serve as evidence when filing the claim.
  • Contact your Insurance Company: Reach out to your insurance company as soon as possible. Provide them with all the necessary details and your evidence of damage.
  • Initial Insurance Review: Your insurance company will conduct a preliminary review of your claim and may appoint an adjuster to validate the damage.
  • Professional Inspection: It can be beneficial to involve a professional roofing company, like Van Martin Roofing of Dayton, for a thorough inspection. They can provide a detailed report and estimates for repair, which can be helpful when dealing with insurance adjusters.
  • Submit Claim: Submit your claim with all the gathered evidence, including the professional report from our team at Van Martin Roofing of Dayton. We are here to help you get what you’re entitled to!
  • Follow Up: Keep track of the claim status and follow up with your insurance company regularly.

Remember, the team here at Van Martin Roofing of Dayton is experienced in dealing with wind damage and can be a valuable resource in navigating the insurance claim process. We are here to help with all your storm damage insurance claim processing!. Call us today!

Identifying wind damage on your roof can be challenging without the proper understanding and knowledge. Typically, the signs of wind damage may include missing shingles, which will expose the underlayment or the roof deck. You might also notice curled or creased shingles; these are often caused by strong winds getting underneath them. Additionally, loose or exposed nails, granule loss, and damaged flashing around your roof’s vents and chimney are also indicative of wind damage. If you suspect your roof has suffered wind damage, we recommend contacting a professional roofing company, such as Van Martin Roofing of Dayton, to conduct a thorough examination and perform necessary repairs.

Wind Damage Roof Repair Cost Estimates

When it comes to wind damage roof repairs, costs can vary based on the extent of the damage, the materials used, and the size of your roof. At Van Martin Roofing of Dayton, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your unique needs. Although it is difficult to provide a specific price range without evaluating the damage firsthand, minor repairs can often range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Significant damage requiring extensive repairs or entire roof replacement can be considerably more. Nonetheless, we are committed to providing quality service at competitive rates. Our experienced team can help you assess the damage and provide a detailed estimate tailored to your situation. We highly encourage you to contact Van Martin Roofing of Dayton for a personalized quote. Let us help you restore the integrity of your roof and the safety of your home.

For a free estimate on your roof repair needs or storm damage repair needs, call us today!

Emergency Roof Repair Servcies

With unpredictable weather and sudden mishaps, an emergency roof leak can strike at any time. Knowing this, your friends at Van Martin Roofing of Dayton stand ready to provide immediate, professional assistance right at your doorstep. One call is all it takes! We have all your emergency roofer needs covered under one roof!

Our team is fully equipped to handle emergency roof repair, ensuring that your home remains safe and dry, regardless of the circumstances. We take pride in our responsive and dependable service. We aim to alleviate your stress in times of urgent roofing needs, providing peace of mind! Stay prepared for any weather event by keeping our contact information handy.

One simple call to Van Martin can make the difference between minor damage and a major disaster. Call us at our emergency service hotline available 24/7 for immediate response and unmatched support. Remember, when you’re in a pinch and typing “emergency roof repair near me” into a search engine, Van Martin Roofing of Dayton is your reliable, local solution.

Van Martin is the Dayton, Ohio Roof Repair Expert

When you choose Van Martin, you are choosing a roofing company that is centered around people. We work directly with our customers to provide roofing solutions that fit your specific needs. As for our services, we provide outstanding repairs and replacements of roofs, gutters, siding, and skylights.

Van Martin has been in business for over a decade, gaining trust from community members all across the map in Mason and the surrounding areas with residential, commercial, and industrial services. Contact Van Martin’s team the next time you need assistance with your roofing and related systems in Dayton, Ohio. 

Van Martin Roofing Customer Reviews in Dayton, OH

Highly recommend VM roofing for your next roof replacement. Very smooth process. Work was scheduled quickly. They showed up early, worked efficiently, professionally and demonstrated pride in the outcome. Exceeded my expectations. They meticulously cleaned everything up before they left. Couldn't have been more satisfied.Thanks,Charles Wilson
C Wilson
14:16 17 Apr 24
Recently I contracted Van Martin for a second job on my home; this time it was gutter's, downspouts, and sofits. We are very happy with the work that was done and the amount of professionalism provided. I recommend them highly and will use them again if needed for a new project.
Kristen McNabb
22:14 04 Apr 24
I received several estimates from roofing companies for roof repairs, and Zach from Van Martin was the most helpful by a wide margin. He spent the most time with me, offering a ton of insight on what we needed -- and, just as important, didn't need!
John Clark
18:16 01 Apr 24
All of the staff at Van Martin were very professional. They did a fantastic job on the roof and skylights and cleaned up everything like they had never been there. We are extremely happy with the job
Barbara Schiller
18:59 28 Mar 24
Excellent work and service.Everything as advertised
Ron Reddington
12:47 26 Mar 24
I’ve had three or four different roofing companies come out and try to fix a very difficult situation on my chimney and roof area. Even the original chimney repair person did a good job on the chimney but couldn’t stop the leak. Finally, Van Martin came out the second time after the first set of guys couldn’t get it done the next group of more experienced guys and finally it quit leaking after four years of constant leaking and worrying about roof and ceiling damage !I recommend VM
Steve Williams
12:21 26 Mar 24
We are very satisfied with the job, we will recommend Van Martin Roofing without hesitation to anyone needing a roof. They are very professional, starting with the sales rep. And everyone from start to finish. Thank you Van Martin Roofing.
Dave Sutter
16:27 22 Mar 24
Van Martin is a great company! They always come through for me whenever I need them.
John Baden
15:23 22 Mar 24
They started early and finished in one day! The roof is beautiful! Very nice group of people. All worked, no slackers. They took great care not to damage any plants all around the house. You couldn’t tell they were here once they were all done-cleaned up all debris. Great Job!
Donna MacSwords
12:38 20 Mar 24
I have to say VanMartin roofers was professional, curious and efficient. The truckers also was professional overall I rate this company 👌
Anthony Curry
12:42 13 Mar 24
VanMartin Roofing is certainly Customer focused from the first meeting to completion of the project. Everyone we encountered was very professional and courteous. We enjoyed doing business with them. Our roof looks amazing and have already received great compliments from our neighbors on how great it looks.
Deborah Plappert
23:56 26 Feb 24
It was a very long process to get insurance to cover a new roof but Jim stayed on them and did everything they asked for to show proof a new roof was needed. Hunter and his team did an excellent job of installing the new roof and keeping me updated throughout the process.
heather hoffenbacher
21:04 21 Feb 24
Came to my home to fix a roof leak around the base of my chimney and roof. Came on time, reviewed the work to be done with me, took care of the repairs in the time that I was told, and cleaned everything up. Very professional and polite employees. Price was competitive and a bit less the big roofing companies.
Keith Bowers
20:07 16 Feb 24
Work was completed and looked great.
Galapa Gos
20:32 13 Feb 24
Did a great job with the new roof! Were very honest and hardworking and walked me through all the work they had done!
Henrik Pohlmann
23:52 06 Feb 24
Van Martin Roofing is amazing! VMR is very reliable, professional, and responsive to the needs of their customers. You should contact them for all of your roofing needs.
Jason McNeily
13:15 23 Jan 24
We are so very grateful for the incredible work and care we received from this company. The job was quickly completed in an expert manor, the cost was beyond fair and the entire experience was A+ !
Leslie pok
19:34 18 Jan 24
This wasn't the first time I've called Van Martin to help me and it will definitely not be the last. Our guys today were awesome! Not only were the professional, prompt, smart and resourceful, they were really nice guys. I'd have asked them to stay for lunch if it wasn't still just breakfast time!
Hillary Wagner
14:57 10 Jan 24
I love my new roof! The roof is not only beautiful it has an unbeatable warranty! I was happy with the experience from start to finish.
Angela Montgomery
21:20 05 Jan 24
We needed some repair work on the siding on our home and Matt came out and did an excellent job. I highly recommend Van Martin Roofing for any roofing and siding work. I know that the next time I need siding or roofing work done this is who I will call.
John Murrell
18:06 07 Dec 23
Scott did an amazing job! I had a small 5 foot gutter that fell off of my roof and he rehung it in 20 minutes. He was timely, very courteous, and very informative as well about gutters and the future of Van Martin Roofing! I highly recommend them and Scott!
Mason Ogg
22:59 30 Nov 23
I hope everyone gets to have the wonderful experience we had with Dustin last week. We called to correct some issues as seen on our home inspection report. Scheduling our appointment was fast and easy. Dustin arrived on time and with a smile. He inspected our roof and fixed the issues listed on our report. We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to have any roofing done. Thanks Dustin and Van Martin!
James Porcha
00:58 18 Nov 23
Van Martin was one of four roofers we had come look at our roof. Another company tried to sell us a brand new roof on the home we had just purchased. So glad we got Van Martin out for a second opinion. They patched the hole at no cost and told us our roof had years left on it.
Rebecca Menkhaus
18:38 06 Nov 23
Jim has been very professional to work with my insurance company and understand the challenge to change color of the roof. He gave me time to make the right decision. Plus Carlos and his team have been very efficient to replace the rood/skyline in one day and leaving outside of the house very clean. Thank you
Emmanuel TERRIER
13:23 30 Oct 23
Jase, a Sales Rep for Van Martin roofing knocked on my door and I am so glad I answered the door. He was helpful and knowledgeable and made it so easy for us to have a new roof installed. He helped us throughout the process and was a very honest person. Forever grateful for his assistance!Project manager Zach was on spot as well as the roofing crew! Roof looks great, good job by everyone.
Steve Fitzwater
17:14 27 Oct 23
I had another company install a new roof and gutters. I could not open my front storm door because the gutters were too low. After 4 weeks of waiting for the original contractor to fix the issue, I called Van Martin Roofing and Dustin was there within a few hours. He corrected the problem, quickly and professionally. For my future roofing issues, I'll be calling Van Martin.
16:54 25 Sep 23
Brandon and Danny did a great job!
Sandy Swanson
22:53 21 Sep 23
Did a nice Job. No complaints. Very nice and respectful….
LaTonya Srdsky
20:02 19 Sep 23
I am very impressed with Van Martin Roofing! Van Martin replaced my roof about 7 years ago, after the last rain storm a small spot formed on the bedroom ceiling from the roof leaking. I went into the attic and looked at it didn't see much went outside and I could see the shingles poking up just a little. Called Van Martin Jared Miller came out right away and identified the problem was a warped deck board. Which is nothing they replaced so I knew this wouldn't be covered under warranty. Next day I get a text that they will be covering it under warranty. I really appreciate that Van Martin covered it under warranty they really didn't have to.
Jason duggins
21:39 07 Sep 23
I noticed my gutter was sagging a bit over the weekend. I called and they sent Scott out to take a look at it. He was right on time, professional and easy to speak with. He worked with me on a solution right there. I will be calling again if I have any more issues.
Jeff Box
17:21 29 Aug 23
Exceptional personal service. Scott did a wonderful job explaining the services I needed. Carlos and his team did beautiful job on my replacement roof, and the guys placing the gutters were very professional. Good value wonderful service keeping me updated throughout the process. Will definitely recommend and use anain.
20:04 02 Aug 23
They do great work and have a great sales team. Jesse is a rockstar.
gargamel simpson
01:01 30 Jun 23
I contracted Van Martin roofing to replace the roof of my home. To start, the sales rep (Jesse) filled me in with information about the process of this project, answered questions about the estimate, and gave me a-lot of detail about what their services would encompass. Once I contracted them, their team was on-point with communication and setting up dates. Come the day of service, the Project Manager (Carlos) kept an open line of communication for me to ask questions and to update me on the status of the project. Carlos was very helpful. He and his team did an excellent job with my roof. I thank them all for their hard work! Overall, I am satisfied with my new roof and the services Van Martin provide. Would recommend them if you’re in for a new roof.
Domenic Aracri
18:11 07 Jun 23
Van Martin Roofing installed both our new roof and gutters. The roofers worked tirelessly from early morning to night for several days to install the roof, which was a very big job on a complex roof. Zack was there to make sure we were happy withthe results. We would definitely recommend Van Martin if you want quality workmanship.
Jack Artz
23:37 02 Jun 23
Extremely knowledgeable and friendly representatives! Their customer service is incredible, highly recommend.
Sarah Palmer
02:09 24 May 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Van Martin Roofing, and I can't express enough how impressed I am with their exceptional service. From start to finish, they went above and beyond to ensure my roofing project was a success, and their customer service truly stood out.The team at Van Martin Roofing provided me with the best customer service I've ever experienced. Their representatives were incredibly friendly, responsive, and treated me with the utmost respect. They took the time to listen to my concerns and patiently answered all my questions, making sure I felt completely comfortable with the entire process. Their dedication to ensuring my satisfaction was evident in their prompt communication and their willingness to address any issues promptly.I was thoroughly impressed by the knowledge and expertise of their customer representatives. They were not only friendly and approachable but also highly knowledgeable about roofing systems. They took the time to explain the details of the project in a way that was easy to understand, giving me confidence in their abilities. Their expert advice and recommendations helped me make informed decisions, ensuring that I chose the right materials and solutions for my specific needs. It was clear that their representatives were well-trained and experienced, and their professionalism left a lasting impression.The roofing team from Van Martin Roofing was equally remarkable. They arrived on time, fully prepared with all the necessary tools and materials. Throughout the project, they worked diligently and efficiently, never compromising on quality. Their attention to detail was exceptional, resulting in a roof that not only looks great but also provides the durability and protection I was seeking. The level of craftsmanship they demonstrated was truly impressive, and I couldn't be happier with the final result.Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Van Martin Roofing for their outstanding roofing services and their expert customer service. Their team of professionals sets the bar high when it comes to delivering exceptional results and ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you need minor repairs or a complete roof replacement, Van Martin Roofing is the company to trust for a stress-free and top-quality roofing experience.
Mariah Culp
12:51 22 May 23
Excellent work on our roof !
Heidi Strevell
12:37 22 May 23
Van Marten was a great company to work with they remained professional and responsive throughout the entire process. Matt Jancsics was extremely knowledgeable and assisted through the entire process from the initial inspection through completion of the project and was there for any questions or needs we had along the way. I would highly recommend Van Marten Roofing as their quality of work and communication was excellent.
Andrew Sipos
15:21 14 May 23