Skylights in Miamisburg Ohio

Miamisburg, Ohio Skylight Services

Have you considered an installation of skylights in Miamisburg, Ohio? If you have, that’s great! They let more natural light into your home, increase your home’s resale value, and when installed properly can even be energy efficient. Although, make sure you hire a roofer near you that carries high-quality skylight products as well as professional installation experts.

Our roofers at Van Martin install Velux skylights and roof windows. Velux is a leader in the window industry, and all of their products come with a warranty; including their famous 10-year warranty. So if you’ve made up your mind, contact our team at Van Martin for a skylight installation today!

Skylight Options

  • Electric Venting Skylight Operated by a remote, this overhead window automatically closes when raining.
  • Manual Venting Skylight – This overhead or in-reach window can be manually opened or closed for ventilation, controlling how much daylight and fresh air are allowed in.
  • Fixed Skylight – This overhead window is installed and fixed in an area that doesn’t require more ventilation.
  • Roof Window – Installed in attics or above-garage spaces, these in-reach windows make a great addition to any home.
  • SUN TUNNEL™ Skylight – Sun Tunnels are mainly installed in smaller spaces, where a skylight tunnel needs to be no less than 4 feet.
miamisburg ohio sun tunnel

Skylight Accessories

Van Martin in Miamisburg, Ohio also offers a litany of Velux accessories. A few of our most notable accessories are our blinds, shades, wall-mounted keypads, and remotes. And if you’d like to have your newly installed windows covered with blackout blinds, solar blinds, Venetian blinds, or roller blinds, we also carry these as well!

Why Choose Van Martin?

By utilizing Velux’s high-quality products, our team at Van Martin is able to provide the best skylight and roofing services to all of Southwestern Ohio. Whether it’s roof replacement or repair as well as gutter or siding services, contact Van Martin for top-quality roofing work. We also do work on siding, gutters, insulation, and much more. You can reach us by calling or scheduling a comprehensive skylight report.

Additionally, we offer our skylight services in Germantown, Centerville, Kettering, Springboro, Middletown, Dayton, Trotwood, and more.