Skylights in Fairborn Ohio

Fairborn, Ohio Skylight Services

When it comes to skylights in Fairborn, Ohio, we partner with Velux to provide a great investment for your property. Van Martin strives to stand out from the rest of the contractors all across southwestern Ohio. We do so with our premier installation of skylights, sun tunnels, and accessories. Skylights have many different benefits such as increasing the value of your home or improving the atmosphere of rooms by making them appear larger with natural light. You can reach out to our experts at any time with any questions or to schedule a comprehensive report.

Skylight Options

  • Electric Venting Skylight A remote-operated skylight that automatically closes when raining.
  • Manual Venting Skylight – An in-reach overhead skylight that can be opened and closed manually.
  • Fixed Skylight – A skylight that is placed where ventilation isn’t needed.
  • Roof Window – A skylight that is in a place like a garage or an attic where it doesn’t need to be opened.
  • SUN TUNNEL™ Skylight – Sun Tunnels are perfect for tight spaces or where a skylight tunnel needs more than 4 feet.
Skylights in Fairborn, Ohio

Skylight Accessories

Working directly with Velux, we’re able to offer accessories like blinds, wall-mounted keypads, and remotes! When it comes to blinds, we carry solar blinds, blackout, Venetian, and roller blinds.

Why Choose Van Martin?

When you choose Van Martin, you’re choosing a contractor that is dedicated to satisfaction at all costs. That’s why we offer extensive warranties, to ensure you’re protected for years to come. Whether you’re in Fairborn or anywhere in southwestern Ohio, we can serve you with skylights, roofing, gutters, or siding services! At any time, you can contact our team to set up an evaluation of what skylight works best for your home!

Additionally, we offer our skylight services in Huber Heights, Yellow Springs, Springfield, Beavercreek, Alpha, Xenia, Dayton, and more.