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Kettering Roof Replacement Cost

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When considering a roof replacement in Kettering, OH, you want to choose a contractor you can trust. Van Martin Roofing, a Kettering roofing contractor with 20 years in business, stands out as the reliable choice for homeowners and businesses alike in Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas.

Seeking 24/7 availability? We’ve got you covered. Van Martin Roofing understands that roof concerns can arise at any time, which is why we’re at your service around the clock in Kettering, Ohio.

What’s more, Van Martin Roofing gladly provides free roofing estimates for roof replacements in Kettering, taking the guesswork out of the cost of roof replacement. Our commitment to transparency and excellence ensures you receive a comprehensive, trustworthy assessment of your roofing needs without any hidden fees at a fair price for final cost.

Choosing Van Martin Roofing means partnering with a dedicated company that’s been keeping Kettering’s roofs over heads for two decades – a testament to our enduring commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Don’t let roof replacements be a hassle; let us make it a seamless experience for you. Call Van Martin Roofing today!

In addition to Kettering, we proudly serve Dayton, Moraine, Oakwood, Beavercreek, Centerville, West Carrolton, Miamisburg, Bellbrook, and Woodbourne-Hyde Park

Proudly Roofing in Kettering Ohio – A Community We Cherish

At Van Martin Roofing of Kettering, we are more than just a roofing company; we are an integral part of the Kettering, Ohio community. Our dedication to serving the precious residents of Kettering is akin to the town’s commitment to providing exceptional recreational activities, such as those found at the Kettering Recreation Complex. We take pride in ensuring that the homes of our local families are well-protected, so they have the peace of mind to enjoy all that this wonderful area has to offer.

The Hills & Dales Metro Park is one of the many natural gems around us, boasting beautiful landscapes that our roofs stand against as picturesque backdrops. We relish in the thought that our craftsmanship helps maintain the visual harmony of our neighborhoods, complementing the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Moreover, every successful putt on the Trails Miniature Golf Course under the sunny Kettering sky is a reminder of the leisure and hospitality that makes this area special. Just as the community invests in spaces for families to create lifelong memories, Van Martin Roofing invests in the protection and preservation of our customers’ homes. It’s a bond built on trust, quality, and shared admiration for Kettering—the place we’re honored to call home.

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Average Roof Replacement Cost in Kettering Ohio By Type

Understanding Roof Replacement Costs with Van Martin Roofing of Kettering

When it comes to roof replacement, homeowners and business owners alike are often concerned about the bottom line: how much will it cost? Van Martin Roofing of Kettering understands this concern and is committed to providing you with transparent pricing and high-quality roofing solutions. Below, we break down the average costs to replace various types of roofs.

Shingle roof replacement in Kettering Ohio

Shingle Roof Replacement

The classic shingle roof is a popular choice due to its affordability and aesthetic appeal. On average, the cost to replace a shingle roof can range from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the size and pitch of the roof, as well as the quality of the shingles chosen.

Stone coated metal roofing in Kettering Ohio

Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

For those looking for durability and a modern look, stone-coated metal roofing is an excellent option. While the initial average cost for roof replacement with this material is higher, ranging from $20,000 to $40,000, the long-term savings in maintenance and energy efficiency can be significant.

Commercial roof replacement in Kettering Ohio

Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial properties typically have flat roofs, which require specialized materials and installation processes. The average cost to tear off and replace a commercial flat roof is estimated at $8,000 to $25,000. Factors that affect the price include the size of the roof, the material used, and the complexity of the installation.

Remember, while these prices provide a ballpark, the cost to replace a roof can vary widely based on your specific needs, the roof’s pitch and additional costs. Contact Van Martin Roofing of Kettering for a detailed quote tailored to your property. Our new roofs are energy efficient and have an extensive life span. We proudly serve all of Dayton Ohio.

Kettering Shingle Roof Replacement Costs Explained

When it’s time to replace your roof, the cost is often a leading factor that will significantly affect the decision-making process. Homeowners in Kettering looking to install new roofing shingles should be aware of what they can expect to spend and what their roof requires. Van Martin Roofing of Kettering, a trusted name in roofing services, offers a comprehensive solution for your roofing needs, including the installation of high-quality roof shingles.

On average, homeowners might anticipate the cost to replace a shingle roof to be between $5 to $6 per square foot. This price range typically includes the removal of the existing roof, materials, installation, and a professional team like Van Martin Roofing to carry out the work like most homeowners. To break it down, this means that for a standard American home—considering an average roof size of about 2,200 square feet—the total cost could hover around $11,000 to $13,200.

It’s important to remember that various factors can influence the final price tag and a high pitch roof can result in higher costs. The selection of roofing shingles, the complexity of the roof design, and any additional structural repairs (such as extensive damage) can all affect the overall cost. Van Martin Roofing not only provides a clear and thorough estimate but also ensures that the project aligns with your budget without compromising on quality. Your investment goes into reliable craftsmanship and durable materials, promising both aesthetic appeal and a robust barrier against the elements for years to come.

For those in Kettering considering a roof overhaul, choosing Van Martin Roofing means opting for transparency, affordability, and excellence. Contact us today to discuss your roofing project and receive an accurate, no-obligation quote for your shingle roof replacement.  Unlike most roofing companies where roof installation costs can vary, we are committed to competitive pricing and excellence. We are the preferred Kettering roofers. We ensure everything is installed properly. Call us for your next roofing project!

Kettering Stone Coat Metal Roof Replacement Cost

When considering a roofing replacement, residents in Kettering have an attractive and durable option: stone coated metal roofing. Renowned for their longevity and aesthetic appeal, stone coated metal roofs are gaining popularity among homeowners looking for an upgrade. But, what about the cost? Typically, the investment for a stone coated metal roof installation by Van Martin Roofing of Kettering ranges from approximately $12,000 to $17,000.

This cost encompasses several factors including the size and complexity of the roof layout, materials used, and the labor involved in the installation process. While the initial outlay for stone coated metal roofing may be higher compared to traditional roofing materials, the long-term benefits cannot be overstated.

Stone coated metal roofing is admired for its resistance to severe weather conditions, fire, rot, and insects, which can all contribute to the degradation of conventional roofing materials over time. Additionally, these roofs can provide energy savings by reflecting solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs during warm months.

Investing in a stone coated metal roof not only enhances the aesthetic value of your property but also provides peace of mind with its resilient features and low maintenance requirements. While the stone coated metal roofing cost for Kettering residents may seem significant initially, the long-term savings and benefits make it a cost-effective choice.

For a personalized quote and more detailed information, call your friends at Van Martin Roofing. We are the best step forward for those looking to invest in a new, high-quality roof for their home.

Kettering Flat Roof Replacement Cost

When it comes to roofing needs in the Kettering area, homeowners and business owners alike often have to consider the cost of replacing a flat roof. Van Martin Roofing of Kettering, a trusted name in roof repair and replacement, understands that budgeting for such an undertaking requires clear and accurate estimates.

The cost to replace a flat roof can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the roof, the materials chosen, and the labor involved and whether it’s a labor intensive job. On average, property owners can expect to spend between $7 to $10 per square foot for a flat roof replacement. This estimate encapsulates both the high-quality materials typically used for flat roofs and the expertise of skilled professionals executing the installation.

A flat roof offers a unique aesthetic and functional appeal but also demands meticulous attention to details like waterproofing and drainage to ensure longevity. Whether you’re dealing with wear and tear, weather damage, or you’re simply looking to upgrade your building’s efficiency, factoring in the specifics of your project is essential.

Van Martin Roofing of Kettering is dedicated to providing not only comprehensive service but also transparent pricing, making sure that every customer receives value for their investment. If you’re considering a flat roof replacement or roofing work and want a reliable cost breakdown, contacting Van Martin Roofing is an excellent first step toward your new roof.

Factors of Roof Replacement Costs in Kettering

When it comes to roof replacement, homeowners often find themselves navigating a sea of expenses. Understanding these costs can help in making an informed decision. Van Martin Roofing of Kettering, OH is committed to transparency and providing the best value for your investment.

Types of Roof Replacement Costs

Flashing is a critical component of your roof, designed to protect against water penetration at joints and protrusions like chimneys, gutters and vents. The cost of replacing flashing can vary depending on the material (aluminum, steel, copper) and the complexity of installation. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your flashing and save considerable costs over time.

The roofing installation cost is influenced by several factors, including the size of the roof, the type of materials used, the complexity of the roof’s design, and the steepness or pitch. More complex rooflines may require additional labor and materials, impacting your overall costs.

Choosing the right roofing contractor or company is vital. A reputable contractor like Van Martin Roofing will ensure that your project conforms to the highest standards. Costs may be influenced by the contractor’s experience, licensing, insurance, and warranties offered.

Materials are typically a significant part of the overall expense, with options ranging from affordable asphalt shingles to more costly slate or metal roofing. The choice affects not only the look and durability of your roof but also the roofing materials cost.

If your project requires the old roof to be completely removed, the tear off roof cost should be considered. This involves labor, time, and disposal of the old materials and can vary depending on the size and pitch of your roof.

When replacing a roof, you must consider the entire scope of work, including removal of the old roof, installation of the new system, the roof material, and potential repairs to the structure underneath. Ensuring a full replacement, when necessary, can prevent further costs down the line.

Disposing of your old roofing materials responsibly is an important part of the job. The roof debris disposal costs will depend on the amount of waste and the landfill charges. This is usually factored into the overall estimate provided by your roofing company.

Roofing labor costs make up a significant portion of the total price tag. These costs will vary depending on the difficulty of the job, the time it takes to complete, and the labor rates in your area.

By considering these factors, homeowners can better grasp the full scale of costs associated with a roof replacement. Van Martin Roofing of Kettering, OH prides itself on delivering precise assessments and detailed quotes to avoid any surprise expenses, ensuring that you can make a confident investment in your home.

Calculate Your Roof Replacement Cost in Kettering

Estimating Your Roof Replacement Cost: Best Practices

Embarking on a roofing project can be a significant investment for homeowners. With Van Martin Roofing of Kettering OH, you can approach your roof replacement with confidence, armed with the best tools and knowledge to estimate your cost accurately. Before reaching out to a roofing contractor, utilizing a cost for roof replacement calculator is wise. Here’s why it’s crucial and how it can benefit your project.

The Importance of Roofing Cost Estimation

Accurate cost estimation ensures you’re financially prepared for what’s to come without any unpleasant surprises. A roof replacement cost estimator is not just about crunching numbers—it’s about understanding your specific needs, the scope of work, and the quality of the materials involved.

Using a cost estimator tool provided by Van Martin Roofing of Kettering OH takes into consideration several key factors that affect your overall roofing project costs, such as:

  • Type and Quality of Roofing Materials: Whether you’re considering asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or tiles, the cost can vary greatly. The tool helps you weigh your options against your budget.
  • Extent of Roof Repairs: If there’s been a leaky roof or other damages that extend beyond just the surface, additional repair costs need to be factored in.
  • Size and Complexity of the Roof: Larger roofs or those with more complex designs, like steep slopes or multiple dormers, will naturally cost more due to the increased labor and materials.

How to Use the Cost Estimator Tool

Simply visit our website and enter the details of your roof replacement project. The tool is user-friendly, guiding you through each step of the process. With inputs about your roof size, preferred roofing materials, and any known roof repairs, you can get a ballpark figure of your potential roof replacement costs.

Benefits of Using Van Martin’s Cost Estimator Tool

  • Budgeting: Plan your finances with a clearer picture of potential costs.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Select materials and services that suit your budget while fulfilling your roofing needs.
  • Transparency: Understand what you’re paying for before committing to any roofing services.

Don’t let uncertainty cloud the process of getting a new roof. Use our Cost for roof replacement calculator today to gain clarity on your roof replacement cost. With Van Martin Roofing’s expertise, you can rest assured that your home’s new cover will be worth every penny.

Why Our Kettering Roof Replacement Cost Gives You the Best Value

Van Martin Roofing of Kettering OH: Exceptional Roof Repair with Added Value

When it comes to safeguarding your home, a strong and well-maintained roof is essential. Van Martin Roofing of Kettering Oh offers not just roof repair services, but a comprehensive 7-Year Workmanship Warranty on All Roof Replacements. This remarkable offer stands as a testament to the quality and durability of our work, ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck.

Our team of certified and bonded workers goes above and beyond to uphold our strong core values and integrity. We do more than just replace your roof; we serve your best interests, prioritizing improvements that enhance the long-term value and safety of your residence. Unlike other local roofing contractors, we commit to a transparent approach, guiding you through the entire process and keeping you informed about the actual cost. With Van Martin Roofing, there are no hidden fees or surprises—just clear, straightforward pricing that aligns with our exceptional service quality.

Whether you require a minor fix or a complete overhaul, our team ensures that every project is met with unmatched expertise and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Our roof repair services are designed to extend the life of your roof, eliminating issues before they escalate into costly damages.

Choosing Van Martin Roofing means investing in your home’s future. You’re not just purchasing a service; you’re ensuring peace of mind and a secure, professionally maintained roof over your head. For homeowners in Kettering, OH, and the surrounding areas, we are your go-to local roofing contractors, trusted for delivering value-focused solutions to all your roofing needs.

Your investment in a Van Martin roof goes far beyond the materials—we offer you a partnership built on expertise and the assurance that your home is protected for years to come.

The best value for roofing in Kettering Ohio

Understanding Roof Replacement Costs in Kettering

When investing in a new roof for your home, it’s essential to understand the factors influencing the overall cost. Kettering residents seeking the best roofing companies need to take into account several variables that can affect both the replacement cost and the process of roof installation.

Key Factors Affecting Roofing Costs

  1. Size and Complexity: The size of your roof is the primary determinant of the replacement roof More square footage means more materials and labor. Additionally, if your roof has multiple levels or a complex design with features like valleys, peaks, or dormers, the increased complexity can elevate costs.
  2. Existing Roof Condition: The condition of your existing roof can also impact the price. If the old roof has sustained damage or requires extensive preparatory work before the roof removal, this could add to the roof cost.
  3. Materials and Quality: The type of materials selected for your new roof influences price. Options range from traditional asphalt shingles to premium materials like metal or slate. Not only do these materials come with different price tags, but they also vary in longevity and aesthetic appeal. Homeowners need to balance cost-effectiveness with the desired outcome.
  4. Labor: Lastly, reliable Kettering roofers with a track record for quality workmanship may quote a higher rate. While it may be tempting to opt for a lower bid, investing in skilled labor can ensure that your roof installation is done right the first time, potentially saving you money in the long run on repairs.

To get an accurate estimate of your roof replacement cost, consider reaching out to local roofing experts who can provide detailed quotes specific to your home’s unique requirements.

In any case, if you need a new roof in Kettering, Greater Dayton, Greater Cincinnati or anywhere in the Miami Valley Ohio area, your best bet is to call Van Martin today!

We have all your roofing needs covered under one roof in Kettering!

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Van Martin is the Kettering, Ohio Gutters Expert

When you choose Van Martin, you are choosing a roofing company that is centered around people. We work directly with our customers to provide roofing solutions that fit your specific needs. As for our services, we provide outstanding repairs and replacements of roofs, gutters, siding, and skylights.

Van Martin has been in business for over a decade, gaining trust from community members all across the map in Mason and the surrounding areas with residential, commercial, and industrial services. Contact Van Martin’s team the next time you need assistance with your roofing and related systems in Kettering, Ohio. 

Van Martin Roofing Customer Reviews in Kettering, OH

Highly recommend VM roofing for your next roof replacement. Very smooth process. Work was scheduled quickly. They showed up early, worked efficiently, professionally and demonstrated pride in the outcome. Exceeded my expectations. They meticulously cleaned everything up before they left. Couldn't have been more satisfied.Thanks,Charles Wilson
C Wilson
14:16 17 Apr 24
Recently I contracted Van Martin for a second job on my home; this time it was gutter's, downspouts, and sofits. We are very happy with the work that was done and the amount of professionalism provided. I recommend them highly and will use them again if needed for a new project.
Kristen McNabb
22:14 04 Apr 24
I received several estimates from roofing companies for roof repairs, and Zach from Van Martin was the most helpful by a wide margin. He spent the most time with me, offering a ton of insight on what we needed -- and, just as important, didn't need!
John Clark
18:16 01 Apr 24
All of the staff at Van Martin were very professional. They did a fantastic job on the roof and skylights and cleaned up everything like they had never been there. We are extremely happy with the job
Barbara Schiller
18:59 28 Mar 24
Excellent work and service.Everything as advertised
Ron Reddington
12:47 26 Mar 24
I’ve had three or four different roofing companies come out and try to fix a very difficult situation on my chimney and roof area. Even the original chimney repair person did a good job on the chimney but couldn’t stop the leak. Finally, Van Martin came out the second time after the first set of guys couldn’t get it done the next group of more experienced guys and finally it quit leaking after four years of constant leaking and worrying about roof and ceiling damage !I recommend VM
Steve Williams
12:21 26 Mar 24
We are very satisfied with the job, we will recommend Van Martin Roofing without hesitation to anyone needing a roof. They are very professional, starting with the sales rep. And everyone from start to finish. Thank you Van Martin Roofing.
Dave Sutter
16:27 22 Mar 24
Van Martin is a great company! They always come through for me whenever I need them.
John Baden
15:23 22 Mar 24
They started early and finished in one day! The roof is beautiful! Very nice group of people. All worked, no slackers. They took great care not to damage any plants all around the house. You couldn’t tell they were here once they were all done-cleaned up all debris. Great Job!
Donna MacSwords
12:38 20 Mar 24
I have to say VanMartin roofers was professional, curious and efficient. The truckers also was professional overall I rate this company 👌
Anthony Curry
12:42 13 Mar 24
VanMartin Roofing is certainly Customer focused from the first meeting to completion of the project. Everyone we encountered was very professional and courteous. We enjoyed doing business with them. Our roof looks amazing and have already received great compliments from our neighbors on how great it looks.
Deborah Plappert
23:56 26 Feb 24
It was a very long process to get insurance to cover a new roof but Jim stayed on them and did everything they asked for to show proof a new roof was needed. Hunter and his team did an excellent job of installing the new roof and keeping me updated throughout the process.
heather hoffenbacher
21:04 21 Feb 24
Came to my home to fix a roof leak around the base of my chimney and roof. Came on time, reviewed the work to be done with me, took care of the repairs in the time that I was told, and cleaned everything up. Very professional and polite employees. Price was competitive and a bit less the big roofing companies.
Keith Bowers
20:07 16 Feb 24
Work was completed and looked great.
Galapa Gos
20:32 13 Feb 24
Did a great job with the new roof! Were very honest and hardworking and walked me through all the work they had done!
Henrik Pohlmann
23:52 06 Feb 24
Van Martin Roofing is amazing! VMR is very reliable, professional, and responsive to the needs of their customers. You should contact them for all of your roofing needs.
Jason McNeily
13:15 23 Jan 24
We are so very grateful for the incredible work and care we received from this company. The job was quickly completed in an expert manor, the cost was beyond fair and the entire experience was A+ !
Leslie pok
19:34 18 Jan 24
This wasn't the first time I've called Van Martin to help me and it will definitely not be the last. Our guys today were awesome! Not only were the professional, prompt, smart and resourceful, they were really nice guys. I'd have asked them to stay for lunch if it wasn't still just breakfast time!
Hillary Wagner
14:57 10 Jan 24
I love my new roof! The roof is not only beautiful it has an unbeatable warranty! I was happy with the experience from start to finish.
Angela Montgomery
21:20 05 Jan 24
We needed some repair work on the siding on our home and Matt came out and did an excellent job. I highly recommend Van Martin Roofing for any roofing and siding work. I know that the next time I need siding or roofing work done this is who I will call.
John Murrell
18:06 07 Dec 23
Scott did an amazing job! I had a small 5 foot gutter that fell off of my roof and he rehung it in 20 minutes. He was timely, very courteous, and very informative as well about gutters and the future of Van Martin Roofing! I highly recommend them and Scott!
Mason Ogg
22:59 30 Nov 23
I hope everyone gets to have the wonderful experience we had with Dustin last week. We called to correct some issues as seen on our home inspection report. Scheduling our appointment was fast and easy. Dustin arrived on time and with a smile. He inspected our roof and fixed the issues listed on our report. We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to have any roofing done. Thanks Dustin and Van Martin!
James Porcha
00:58 18 Nov 23
Van Martin was one of four roofers we had come look at our roof. Another company tried to sell us a brand new roof on the home we had just purchased. So glad we got Van Martin out for a second opinion. They patched the hole at no cost and told us our roof had years left on it.
Rebecca Menkhaus
18:38 06 Nov 23
Jim has been very professional to work with my insurance company and understand the challenge to change color of the roof. He gave me time to make the right decision. Plus Carlos and his team have been very efficient to replace the rood/skyline in one day and leaving outside of the house very clean. Thank you
Emmanuel TERRIER
13:23 30 Oct 23
Jase, a Sales Rep for Van Martin roofing knocked on my door and I am so glad I answered the door. He was helpful and knowledgeable and made it so easy for us to have a new roof installed. He helped us throughout the process and was a very honest person. Forever grateful for his assistance!Project manager Zach was on spot as well as the roofing crew! Roof looks great, good job by everyone.
Steve Fitzwater
17:14 27 Oct 23
I had another company install a new roof and gutters. I could not open my front storm door because the gutters were too low. After 4 weeks of waiting for the original contractor to fix the issue, I called Van Martin Roofing and Dustin was there within a few hours. He corrected the problem, quickly and professionally. For my future roofing issues, I'll be calling Van Martin.
16:54 25 Sep 23
Brandon and Danny did a great job!
Sandy Swanson
22:53 21 Sep 23
Did a nice Job. No complaints. Very nice and respectful….
LaTonya Srdsky
20:02 19 Sep 23
I am very impressed with Van Martin Roofing! Van Martin replaced my roof about 7 years ago, after the last rain storm a small spot formed on the bedroom ceiling from the roof leaking. I went into the attic and looked at it didn't see much went outside and I could see the shingles poking up just a little. Called Van Martin Jared Miller came out right away and identified the problem was a warped deck board. Which is nothing they replaced so I knew this wouldn't be covered under warranty. Next day I get a text that they will be covering it under warranty. I really appreciate that Van Martin covered it under warranty they really didn't have to.
Jason duggins
21:39 07 Sep 23
I noticed my gutter was sagging a bit over the weekend. I called and they sent Scott out to take a look at it. He was right on time, professional and easy to speak with. He worked with me on a solution right there. I will be calling again if I have any more issues.
Jeff Box
17:21 29 Aug 23
Exceptional personal service. Scott did a wonderful job explaining the services I needed. Carlos and his team did beautiful job on my replacement roof, and the guys placing the gutters were very professional. Good value wonderful service keeping me updated throughout the process. Will definitely recommend and use anain.
20:04 02 Aug 23
They do great work and have a great sales team. Jesse is a rockstar.
gargamel simpson
01:01 30 Jun 23
I contracted Van Martin roofing to replace the roof of my home. To start, the sales rep (Jesse) filled me in with information about the process of this project, answered questions about the estimate, and gave me a-lot of detail about what their services would encompass. Once I contracted them, their team was on-point with communication and setting up dates. Come the day of service, the Project Manager (Carlos) kept an open line of communication for me to ask questions and to update me on the status of the project. Carlos was very helpful. He and his team did an excellent job with my roof. I thank them all for their hard work! Overall, I am satisfied with my new roof and the services Van Martin provide. Would recommend them if you’re in for a new roof.
Domenic Aracri
18:11 07 Jun 23
Van Martin Roofing installed both our new roof and gutters. The roofers worked tirelessly from early morning to night for several days to install the roof, which was a very big job on a complex roof. Zack was there to make sure we were happy withthe results. We would definitely recommend Van Martin if you want quality workmanship.
Jack Artz
23:37 02 Jun 23
Extremely knowledgeable and friendly representatives! Their customer service is incredible, highly recommend.
Sarah Palmer
02:09 24 May 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Van Martin Roofing, and I can't express enough how impressed I am with their exceptional service. From start to finish, they went above and beyond to ensure my roofing project was a success, and their customer service truly stood out.The team at Van Martin Roofing provided me with the best customer service I've ever experienced. Their representatives were incredibly friendly, responsive, and treated me with the utmost respect. They took the time to listen to my concerns and patiently answered all my questions, making sure I felt completely comfortable with the entire process. Their dedication to ensuring my satisfaction was evident in their prompt communication and their willingness to address any issues promptly.I was thoroughly impressed by the knowledge and expertise of their customer representatives. They were not only friendly and approachable but also highly knowledgeable about roofing systems. They took the time to explain the details of the project in a way that was easy to understand, giving me confidence in their abilities. Their expert advice and recommendations helped me make informed decisions, ensuring that I chose the right materials and solutions for my specific needs. It was clear that their representatives were well-trained and experienced, and their professionalism left a lasting impression.The roofing team from Van Martin Roofing was equally remarkable. They arrived on time, fully prepared with all the necessary tools and materials. Throughout the project, they worked diligently and efficiently, never compromising on quality. Their attention to detail was exceptional, resulting in a roof that not only looks great but also provides the durability and protection I was seeking. The level of craftsmanship they demonstrated was truly impressive, and I couldn't be happier with the final result.Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Van Martin Roofing for their outstanding roofing services and their expert customer service. Their team of professionals sets the bar high when it comes to delivering exceptional results and ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you need minor repairs or a complete roof replacement, Van Martin Roofing is the company to trust for a stress-free and top-quality roofing experience.
Mariah Culp
12:51 22 May 23
Excellent work on our roof !
Heidi Strevell
12:37 22 May 23
Van Marten was a great company to work with they remained professional and responsive throughout the entire process. Matt Jancsics was extremely knowledgeable and assisted through the entire process from the initial inspection through completion of the project and was there for any questions or needs we had along the way. I would highly recommend Van Marten Roofing as their quality of work and communication was excellent.
Andrew Sipos
15:21 14 May 23