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Roof Reflection Solutions & Installation

Cool Roof, Cool Energy Savings!

Van Martin roofing has chosen manufacturers who offer products that help to save energy for your home or business.  The environment fits in with our core values and is extremely important to us.  Most metal roofing as well as lighter colored granule roofs will offer extreme reflectivity benefits.


Asphalt Shingles

VMR-CertainTeedCertainTeed’s white-granulated low-slope roofing products and our CoolStar™ membranes are ENERGY STAR® rated reflective roof surfaces that can help reduce peak cooling demand by 15%. CoolStar has a factory-applied white, acrylic-based coating that is highly reflective, helping to lower building cooling costs by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the building’s roof, which lowers rooftop and attic temperatures. It is available on fourteen of our roofing membranes (BUR, SBS, and APP modified bitumen). CoolStar products exceed California Title 24 standards and are Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) certified.


Landmark Solaris™ is a steep-slope solar, reflective roofing shingle that contains advanced colored granules that reflect the sun’s rays and can reduce a roof’s temperature by as much as 20%. These Energy Star shingles are rated by CRRC and meet California Title 24 requirements.

Landmark™ Series shingles in silver birch and mist white and CertainTeed’s CT™20, XT™25, and XT™30 strip shingles in Star White are also ENERGY STAR qualified steep-slope roofing products meeting both solar reflectance and thermal emissivity requirements

Metal Roofing

Thousands of homeowners are turning to cool metal roofing materials as an innovative way to enhance the value and beauty of their homes. Your home is probably your biggest investment so improving and maintaining it should be a top priority.

Many roofing options, though, only restore the value that was lost from having an aged roof on the home. They do little or nothing to provide lasting additional value. The benefits of metal roofing, though, provide increased value that stays with your home instead of diminishing over time. Chief among those benefits is energy efficiency.

A Metal Roof reduces home energy costs in several ways.

Save On Your Energy Bills With A Cool Roof

VMR-Green-HouseKynar 500® and Hylar 5000® coatings incorporate our advanced hI-R Heat Barrier technology to create a roof that keeps your home naturally cooler thanks to special reflective pigments. The complex chemical structure of these pigments reflects the infrared portion of the sun’s rays that is most responsible for heat gain. Metal roofs leave the attic space and the entire home much cooler in the summer. Proud owners of metal roofs report saving up to 20% or more on their energy costs.

Some of the metal products we can install on your roof provide further energy efficiency. The integral “dead” airspace between the steel and your roof deck acts as a thermal break, stopping heat transfer by conduction. This behaves much like the airspace between the plates of glass in a thermal pane window.   Link to decider to explore metal option?

The ability of a metal roof to be installed over your old shingles is also beneficial. In addition to saving your money and avoiding landfill disposal, your old roof provides thermal mass – additional insulation to help keep summertime heat outside of your attic.

This blocking of both radiant and conductive heat provides the best possible recipe for a cool roof for your home. Studies have shown reduced attic temperatures of up to 34%. When your attic is kept cooler, your air conditioner runs less and you save money.

Metal roofs can also help you achieve good attic ventilation. Ventilation is a key to even greater energy efficiency and it also helps guards against winter ice damming which is prevalent in the rough winters experienced in the Dayton Region.

Van Martin has a genuine concern in helping to maintain and improve the environment for future generations.  In this regard, metal roofing meets the criteria of recycled content, recycle-ability, and energy efficiency.  Metal roofing is one of the most energy-efficient roofing systems available and tests have shown that it can save you up to 40% on cooling costs.

In addition, it’s not asphalt-based like shingles, which means its production doesn’t continue to fuel our country’s biggest addiction… oil.  Although these are the major drivers, there are many other reasons why metal roofing is gaining in popularity.