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Named after George Clark, a hero of the American Revolution, Clark County hosts a population of 136,000 residents. Citizens of Clark County are able to enjoy several different attractions and benefits, ranging from the Springfield Museum of Art to playing a round of golf at the Locust Hills Golf Club.

Clark County is made up of several different cities and communities, including Springfield, New Carlisle, Enon, Donnelsville, and much more. Although, unfortunately, the weather of Clark County, Ohio can be very erratic. Due to this, it’s imperative you find a reputable roofer near you to handle any roof repairs or emergency services. This is why Van Martin has expanded its services to all of Southwestern Ohio, so we can bring our roofing services to you.

Serving Clark County For Years to Come

When natural disasters occur, don’t entrust your roof to just anyone. It’s not uncommon for scammers and subpar roofers to come into an area after an intense storm. These people rip off local home and business owners, and never show themselves again when something goes wrong with your roof. 

In other cases, sometimes an ambitious, young roofing company will open for business and service your roof. However, more often than not these newer roofing companies will give low initial starting bids/estimates. By not taking everything into account, that initial estimate will slowly go up further and further. This is how most young roofing companies, unfortunately, meet their end, and won’t be able to be there when you need them in the future.

At Van Martin of Clark County, we’ve climbed our way up the roofing industry from the very bottom. We have an understanding of how things work, and always put quality and customer service before anything else. If you want a roofer near you that will be with you long after the job is over, contact Van Martin. See for yourself how well we’ve served Clark County for all these years. 

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Premier Roofing Services

Not only does Van Martin provide excellent roofing services, but we also do work on all types of siding, gutters, skylights, roof windows, and insulation. For example, Van Martin installs and services all types of siding on the market. Furthermore, we exclusively install the best products in the industry: James Hardie and Mastic Vinyl siding. Whether it’s siding repairs or replacement, Van Martin can assist. 

We also help homeowners with installing skylights, as we carry Velux skylights and sun tunnels. These products improve energy efficiency, curb appeal, home resale value, ventilation, and natural lighting. However, this is only the case when they’re installed by a dependable contractor who has the skills to do so. So call Van Martin when you need assistance with a skylight.

Finally, Van Martin carries several types of gutters and gutter guards. On top of that, our team also works on roof insulation, to ensure no ice dams will form on your property. No matter what issues you’re having with your home or business, Van Martin can assist. Give our team of professional roofing contractors a call today to schedule your comprehensive estimate!

Why Choose Van Martin?

Other roofing companies in Clark County, Ohio can’t keep up with Van Martin’s craftsmanship, high-end products and materials, and our responsive customer service. Furthermore, Van Martin services all residential, commercial, and industrial properties and roofs. It doesn’t matter what your issue is, Van Martin is here to help you.

If you’re worried about the condition of your roof years down the line, you won’t have to fret with you hire our team. We offer warranties for all services provided so that you won’t have to worry about future damages to your system. So next time you’re tackling a roofing project, give our team a call!

Van Martin works on all types of roofing, fresh-air skylights, gutter systems, siding, insulation, and replacement windows. Our craftsmanship, customer service, and roofing materials are the best in the industry; you won’t find these services anywhere else. We will stop at nothing to protect your home.