Shingle Roof Repair

The Shingle Roof Repair Experts

Your home’s shingle roofing system may seem simple, but it is actually a complex system of layers, each working together to keep your home, safe, and dry. If your roof becomes damaged, it’s critical to have a reliable roofing company near you to handle your shingle roof repair needs. To properly perform shingle repairs, your roofing contractor should be looking below the surface.

When it comes to your shingle roofing system, choose a contractor that places the quality of installation first. You’ll need a team that has the knowledge and experience to repair your shingle roof. Van Martin has been in the industry for several years, and we know what to look for in a shingle roofing system.

The experts at Van Martin repair all types of shingles but specializes in CertainTeed Shingles. Van Martin prioritizes quality workmanship, responsive customer service, and reliability. Next time you’re in a pinch and you need help with your roof, Van Martin is available to you 24/7


Local Shingle Roof Repair Experts

Standing on the ground trying to diagnose a shingle problem two stories above you is nearly impossible, but a professional knows what to look for and will start on the ground. The first decision is to assess the roof’s overall condition. Your roofing contractor should be asking these questions:

  • Is it more than 20 years old? 
  • Have the shingles faded from sun exposure? 
  • Are there dark-colored pockmarks? These pockmarks can show hail damage. 
  • Are there algae or moss growing? 
  • Is there moisture present?

If your contractor is ignoring or neglecting these questions, then your roof will suffer as a result. You’ll want to know that the team working on your shingle roof is the best in the business. Your roof protects your home from damage and protects your family from the weather elements.

Our roofing professionals will safely examine the flashing, changes in pitch, and even your home’s gutters. The gutters can reveal granule loss. While that can clog the gutters, it also means you are losing material.

Individual shingles may be loose or damaged, and our estimators will determine how many shingles will need replacing. Do not be surprised if the area suggested for replacement is larger than the damage itself. Shingles must overlap to shed water. Any shingle repair will include a wide area around the damage if it extends beyond one shingle.

The Professional Shingle Roof Repair Process

Carefully pulling up damaged shingles reveals the rubberized water shield below. If the rolled material is pierced or torn, water will get into the sheathing and cause roof leaks. A knowledgeable roofing company will assess your home’s sheathing from beneath (within the attic) and from the outside. Wood sheathing will be replaced, new water and ice shield will be rolled out, and fresh shingles will be inserted to match the existing courses.

Although, remember a roof is a comprehensive system, so the shingle roof repair work should include inspection of other elements. This includes but is not limited to flashing, lead boots, vents, drip edge, and fascia board. It is these almost unseen, little parts of the whole roofing system that make it stand against the weather. 

After your shingle roof repair is complete, a qualified contractor will also be careful to respect your landscaping, clean up and remove all old construction materials, and leave your home as the showpiece you want it to be. When you choose Van Martin, you’ll be getting this level of professionalism and respect for your property. 

Why Choose Van Martin?

Van Martin is a roofing company that prioritizes quality above all else. All of our services, ranging from roof replacement to roof maintenance, will always be done with the utmost care. Furthermore, we utilize the best roofing materials in the industry. This of course includes CertainTeed shingles, which are both durable and stylish. 

All types of roofing materials we install will match the aesthetic of your home and withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them. We install everything from asphalt shingles to cedar wood shingles. Additionally, Van Martin also performs storm damage repairs and 24/7 emergency roof repairs. Whenever you’re in a pinch, you have a team of expert roofers at your disposal.

Schedule a roof inspection with Van Martin when you’re in need of our services. Our roof inspectors will provide the perfect solution for you. We will ensure your damaged roof is repaired and ready to withstand the erratic weather of Southwestern Ohio. Whether you have a sagging or leaky roof, Van Martin will assist you with all of your roofing needs.