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Mat Jancsics

All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.

About Mat

I have a background in finance and accounting. My expertise helps homeowners make informed decisions about their roofing and home exteriors, aligning with the company’s mission. When I’m not inspecting roofs, I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, and fossil hunting.

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  • A thorough assessment of your roof
  • In-person evaluation of improvement needs
  • A complementary estimate for repairs or replacement

Customer Testimonials

“Van Martin was a great company to work with they remained professional and responsive throughout the entire process. Mat Jancsics was extremely knowledgeable and assisted through the entire process from the initial inspection through completion of the project and was there for any questions or needs we had along the way. I would highly recommend Van Martin Roofing as their quality of work and communication was excellent.”

Andrew S.
Valued Customer

“Matt was amazing from start to finish! Very professional and honest. He was very punctual and was available at all times to answer any questions.”

Tracy E.
Valued Customer

“We had flashing come lose overnight and called and Mathew Jancsics stopped and had us repaired within 2.5 hours of placing the call. We will call this company again. Thanks for your prompt service and caring attitude.”

Connie L.
Valued Customer