Ask The Experts

Seam Separation EPDM

  EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber) has properties that give it outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance. One of its benefits it that is does not pollute the run-off rainwater. When EPDM is installed correctly as a covering to waterproof roofs, you can expect your roof to keep you warm and dry for 20 years   […]

Hail Damage to a Flat Roof

Hail can cause damage to the underlying insulation of a flat roof causing lessened R-value. The damage is not usually noticeable when you just look at the membrane surface of the roof, but it will cause the insulation to “shattered” from the force of  the hail strike. If your flat roof is modified bitumen or torch […]

Slipping: Delaminating / Sliding

This Torch Down Modified roof membrane is delaminating and sliding. This is caused by improper fastening. On roofs with a slight pitch it’s required to fasten each row. Without lifting up every row and breaking the sealing asphalt seams, it’s impossible to tell if the problem is consistent throughout the entire roof or just the […]

Torn/Cracked/Broken Surface

As a roof expands and contracts the roof system moves. This is a daily occurrence and is associated with Thermal Shock. During movement the membrane binds against each other. Sometimes a tree branch or flying debris may impact the roof causing damage. 3rd party damage is another issue. As people walk across the roof they […]

Offset Not Correct

The way membrane roofs work is by their overlapping design. As the previous layer is covered by the next it creates stair step water shed design, disallowing seepage and water backslaps. This stair step design also has a vertical component to it. If each row is not offset correctly, water may enter the system through […]

Ponding Water

A code violation and warranty exclusion on all asphalt based roof systems, ponding water is when water sits on a roof for more than 48 hours without being evaporated or running off naturally. Water ponding breaks down asphalt, which is an oil-based product. Think of potholes in the road. Or, imagine a pot of boiling […]

Improper Number of Fasteners

Modified membranes are designed to be installed over an approved surfacing fastened to specific guidelines. If modified membranes are installed over a surface without the proper fastening the manufacturer’s warranty is voided and the roof assembly is out of code. This also leaves the roof susceptible to roof blow-off in the event of strong winds. […]

Improper Fastener Installation

It is important that all fasteners are installed perpendicular to the roof’s surface and driven in at a perfect 90-degree angle. On a Fort Myers roof I found areas where the fasteners were not driven straight in and the fastener heads are lifted slightly. Over time this can and will damage the roof system and […]