The Van Martin Company Team Family

We’re not just a team, we’re a family. 

 In 2000 Seth Martin and Doug Van Dyke were involved in real estate investing. Problems and inconsistencies arising when work was needed for their properties prompted them to create Van Martin Windows & Roofing.

Over the years, Van Martin has been able to put together a core group of people to achieve and accomplish quality workmanship for both residential and commercial properties. Seth Martin, co-owner of Van Martin states, “We would like to pass the knowledge and experience on to the consumer that is going through what we already have experienced. This allows us to provide a priceless service.” Click below to learn more about our team members!

Doug Van Dyke: Co-Founder

Born and raised in Dayton, Doug feels an overwhelming commitment to the community. His 20-year background in real estate development has well-prepared him to make the leap into roofing. “We wanted to take on a little more, to be more involved with our customers,” says Doug. “… we had formed great relationships with trustworthy [home improvement] crews.”

Doug oversees the strategy behind Van Martin’s marketing and sales. While he enjoys all aspects of daily operations, he particularly loves being able to hire on energetic teammates.

A firm proponent of the “change is good” mentality, Doug envisions great developments ahead for Van Martin and the roofing industry. Doug’s short-term goals include integrating everyone on the team into a sales mindset and advocating licensing in Ohio for roofing companies, which would effectively eliminate the fly-by-nighter.

“Roofing is a critical element to maintaining a home, much like plumbing,” says Doug.

Down the road, Doug hopes to tackle solar roofing and vegetative roofs when they become more viable options for homeowners.

Seth Martin: Co-Founder

Having worked in real estate in the Dayton region for 7 years and lived in a few of the historic Victorian residences, Seth is very familiar with the “ins and outs” of homes in the Miami Valley. Seth uses his knowledge to achieve his central mission, what he calls “the pursuit of quality,” which entails striving for as much feedback as possible. Seth sees Van Martin as being the premier roofing company in Dayton in every field our company chooses to tackle.

Seth coordinates with Field Supervisor Gene Bogan on what new ideas can be implemented and features can be offered to enhance customer satisfaction. He sees through all of these specific details from an operational standpoint.

“I’m very glad to be a part of something great here,” says Seth. “We are an ‘our work speaks for itself’ company.”

Randy: Production Manager

Raised a few miles from Van Martin’s headquarters, Randy has spent 20 years in the home improvement industry. He enjoys drawing upon that experience and using it to help build the company. For him, being a part of a small business is especially rewarding.

“We can be more personal with our employees and with our customers,” says Randy. “Our priorities lie more with doing a good job than making money.”

Todd: Roofing Specialist

Todd has always wanted to combine his vast experience in roofing with his desire to be in sales. Joining Van Martin was the perfect fit for him. In addition, he enjoys working in a small business environment because he can directly contribute to Van Martin’s growth.

As another Dayton native on the team, Todd holds a business degree from Wright State and has served 8 years in the military.

Lori: CPA

Lori handles the accounting aspects of Van Martin as well as many administrative tasks within the office. She aids in designing and implementing office policies and procedures, and warmly greets you when you call our office.

Lori holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Wright State University and is a Certified Public Accountant. Prior to joining our team in 2011, Lori worked for a local accounting firm. While there, she led an audit team specializing in audits of local governmental entities in western Ohio.

Lori is a member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and Ohio Society of CPAS (OSCPA) and is involved in women’s issues in business.

Brian: Metal Roofing Specialist

Having worked Hyland Screw Machine Products, a business that has been in his family for four generations, Brian has learned the intricacies of a variety of metals. He has also been in sales for the past 10 years. Now with Van Martin, he is able to apply his knowledge to their metal roofing operations.

Daily tasks for Brian include increasing the efficiency of business operations and sales, detailing the benefits of choosing a metal roof over a traditional asphalt roof, including all of the following:

Lifetime Warranty: When push comes to shove, metal roofs withstand more punishment from the environment.
Cosmetic benefits: You can choose any color you want, whereas asphalt shingles are more limited.
Green: When you buy a metal roof, you’re not going to fill landfills with asphalt, which is oil. On top of lasting longer, metal roofs are recyclable and more energy efficient.

“Most people with metal roofs will tell you that they see their neighbors putting on a new roof every 15–20 years.”

Matt: Lead Service Tech

Yet another Dayton native, Brian’s transition to Van Martin was only natural because he has worked with co-founder Doug Van Dyke for many years. “Matt fits well with our core values,” says Doug. “He has jumped on board with Van Martin to help see our company prosper.”

As a master carpenter, Matt works on refining the Van Martin’s processes in the field as a reliable and trustworthy addition to the team.

Gene Bogan: Field Supervisor

Every job has its particulars, which is why having a team member with 30+ years experience in the roofing industry is so vital. For us, Gene Bogan fills that role. He provides customers with the initial assessment, taking a meticulous, hands-on approach to each inspection and relays the information back to Seth to keep things moving as efficiently as possible.

“Gene’s a guy you definitely want to be out there at each site because he brings so much to the table,” says Seth.

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