Top 10 Ways Roofers Rip Off Building Owners

10 Ways Dishonest Roofers Will Mislead You!


  1. They go out of business every couple years then open a new business in a different name giving you no recourse or warranty
  2. They change their license qualifiers every year so when you call the BBB or licensing department to check the company’s complaint history it has a clean record. This also erases the warranty they offered.
  3. Not installing the roof to code so when the insurance inspects the roof they drop coverage because it is not to code. Use a roofer that knows the law and the code and are certified installers!
  4. They don’t use the roofing systems components trying to cut costs. Manufacturers of shingles will void their warranty if the shingles were not installed by certified installers with all the roofing system components.  Make sure the brands they use match the roofing system warranty.
  5. They will try to sell you a roofing system yearly maintenance plan that will revoke the warranty if you don’t pay them to inspect it every year.  It’s a good idea to have your roof looked at on a regular basis but not at a cost or at risk of losing your warranty.
  6. They under report sales to their insurance company to reduce premiums then if the fraud is caught by the insurance company. The insurance company will deny claims leaving you to pay the bill.
  7. They under report wages to their insurance company. This is the most widely abused cost savings in the roofing industry. They pay cash to laborers to be exempt from workers compensation. Wonder why some bids are lower than others?  Without proper coverage, if a worker is injured you could get stuck paying the medical bills.
  8. They file Workman’s Compensation Exemptions for workers which are only permissible to the owners of the company not the worker’s. Roofers have a very high injury rate. If the worker gets injured on your job and the worker is not properly covered it could result in a lawsuit against you. Make sure workers on your job have proper coverage!
  9. They leave things off your estimate to win the job then come back after the roof is being installed and add on items increasing the amount you owe. Or recommend replacing when repair or cleaning is all you need.  Make sure they get everything right in their estimate and by signing a contract they understand that is all you will pay.
  10. They ignore OSHA  safety regulations and get injured then you get pulled into a lawsuit and your insurance ends up
    paying for it.