Granules Loss

Asphalt does not hold up to direct UV exposure. Shingles use small colored stone chips called granules to protect the asphalt from environmental elements and to provide an esthetically pleasing look. Over time these granules wear off. When this occurs the asphalt surfacing starts to break down causing a downward turn in the shingle’s life. This is the reason why it is not recommended to pressure clean a shingle roof. Pressure dislodges the granules from their asphalt embedment. We have found improper ventilation to be a major cause of premature granule loss. It is also important to keep overhanging trees trimmed so they don’t brush off granules. Here on this Dayton roof is an example of granule loss and the starting of shingle breakdown. This is a sign that roof replacement is near.

Hail impact can also cause granule loss. While a single hail storm should not strip your shingle roof of its granules an inspection after a hail storm should be done to access your roof’s condition. Hail damage can crack or pit a shingle as well as dislodge the protective granule exposing the shingle substrate. All of these situations reduce the life of a shingle roof.