Mark your calendars for March 1st! Because beginning next Friday, we will be accepting nominations for deserving individuals/families living in the Montgomery County who are in desperate need of a new roof. The bill for the new roof+installation is on us. That’s right: A Free Roof!

Every one of us knows of friends, family, or active members in the community who have been hit harder than most in this economic downturn. Nominating them for a new roof is a unique way to offer your support. Your nominations will make this philanthropic activity as robust as the roof we’ll install on home of the winning Miami Valley nominee.

Back Story

Without the inspired folks at No Roof Left Behind (NRLB), this contest may not have come to fruition. At the time I heard the NRLB team of Jay and Dena speak at a conference, I was trying to conceive of a great way to sponsor a family with a free roof, but I couldn’t figure out the details. Turns out, they already had implemented the perfect plan. Joining was a no-brainer, and we are excited to have jumped on board so quickly. To date, Van Martin Roofing & Windows is one of only three roofing contractors in Ohio and the sole contractor in the Montgomery County to take part in this great cause.

Many Ways to Participate

Once the deadline for nominations passes, everyone will be allowed to vote for the candidates, so be sure to drop back in once the voting has commenced. You can review the dates and mark them on your electronic calendars by Clicking Here.

In spite of the fragile economy, our community has only gotten stronger. I’m excited to do everything we can to facilitate further growth in the Miami Valley through this program along with our environmentally-aware practices and our Halfback Dayton membership.

Here’s the timeline for how the contest will run:

Friday, March 1st – July 19: The community sends in nominations

July 20 – August 1st: Nominations Reviewed

August 2nd – September 1: The community votes for a finalist

September 9th: The winner is revealed

If you have 3 minutes to spare, I highly recommend you watch NRLB’s video explaining their origins and the philosophy.