8 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

That draft in the living room is only going to intensify as winter approaches. But the chill is only one of many great reasons to get new windows. Here’s a list of our top 8 reasons.

Turn On The Heat!

Windows Replacement DaytonIf you’ve come to the realization that your home is too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer, the answer to your problem may be staring you in the face every time you gaze outside. Older windows are usually single pane glass and don’t provide the same protection for your home that high-quality options offered by Van Martin would. Our Windows are more efficient, durable, and are harder to break into.

I Think I Just Pulled A Muscle

If your windows are hard to open or close, you may want to replace them. It is important to have the opening and closing feature on your windows working in case of an emergency like a fire. Of course, you can always break the glass, but the least amount of damage possible is preferable to the homeowner. Stiff windows can also get stuck and you may need to cover the opening with some sort of tarp. This will lose heat or cool air, depending on the season and make your utility bill skyrocket.

Does Someone Have the Fan On?

Older windows may also have drafts or leaking around the edges. This may not be due to poor installation, but the wood framing around the windows could have deteriorated or shrunk from heat or cold. This is another sign that you should replace the windows. Drafty windows do not insulate well and will also increase your utility bill. In many cases, drafts will also indicate potential leaks. Leaks can lead to substantial water damage to your interior over time. It can also entail mold growth around the edges of your windows.

Fewer Maintenance Hassles

Continuously painting, repairing and maintaining old windows can be a real hassle, and in some cases, it can be downright dangerous. Spend less time climbing a ladder to paint and clean your windows.

Beautify Your Home

Your home is your prized possession, and it is important to keep your biggest investment looking its best. Replacement windows can add charm, beauty and sophistication to your home.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning traditional windows often means climbing a ladder and scrubbing for what seems like an eternity. New windows, on the other hand, tilt in for easy cleaning, allowing you to keep your windows clean without ever leaving your home.

Cha Ching!

The Federal government provides significant tax savings for homeowners who replace their old inefficient windows with more energy efficient models. Your state government might provide similar savings, meaning that you can recoup a significant portion of the upfront cost when you file your tax return.

Let There Be Light!

Being cooped up in a dank and dark home is no fun, but replacement windows can bring more light into your life. New window designs allow more light into your home without leaking hot or cool air or wasting energy.

If you have any of the above issues in your home, you may need to have new Van Martin windows installed. Give us a call at (937) 222-7855 or Send Us an Email.