Consider Upgrading Your Springboro Roof to Metal

If it is time to replace your Springboro home’s roof, you may want to consider upgrading to a metal roof. While this choice of material may be a bit more expensive than others types of materials, a metal roof may be the last one you will ever need to buy for your home. Therefore, your […]

Velux Skylights Installed by a Roof Contractor With Their 5-Star Certification

Many homes in the Dayton area need extra lighting. Natural light is the best source for your eyes and can be obtained in your house with Velux skylights. A professional roof contractor will install these skylights correctly and will guarantee them not to leak. The Right Place The Velux skylight needs to be installed on […]

Choose Van Martin Roofing for a Custom Gutter System

The gutters on your home are an important part of your roof system. Poorly installed gutter systems can lead to rainwater or snow buildup that can result in leaks in your roof. If you are in need of new gutters for your Dayton, Ohio home, then you should choose a roofing contractor that not only specializes […]

Emergency Roof Repair

The roof over your head is probably the most important component to your Dayton area home. It is exposed to nearly every weather element that Mother Nature can throw at it. Sometimes other hazards near your home such a trees or power lines can wreak havoc on your roof which requires emergency roof repair for […]

Hail Damage, Who to Call After the Storm

Storms can wreak havoc on roofs across an entire neighborhood. In Tipp City, hail in particular can cause damage that leads to serious issues when it comes to the structure of your roof. Hail can cause fractures, cracks, and dents in your roof.  If not fixed, this hail damage can cause your roof to age […]

Get Shingle Roof Repair Inspections By Roofers in Dayton

  Having your roof inspected regularly is more important than you might think. If shingle roof repair is necessary, then you don’t want to ignore it – doing so can not only cause further and more expensive damage to your roof, it can lead to water leaks that can end up damaging the structure of […]

Save on Summer Cooling Costs With Energy Star Solutions

Staying comfortable inside your Dayton, Ohio, home or workplace makes up a huge chunk of your energy costs. If you want to lower your air conditioning costs, a good place to start is the roof over your head. When your roofing material traps the sun’s rays, the whole home or building heats up and it […]

Shingle Recycling – How We’re Stepping Up

Go  Green when you Go Home! Shingle Recycling: The Movement In the past few years, the home construction industry has made a concerted effort to thoroughly scrutinize its processes and practices that cause pollution. The push many companies are making is toward eco-friendly standards in the production and recycling of materials such as asphalt shingles. This type of roofing material is at the […]

What to Check When Looking for Dayton Ohio Roofing Companies

If you do not know what you are looking for, finding a quality roofing contractor might be a chore. Sure, you may need a roof repair or replacement and that seems simple enough, but it can be far more than that. Searching for reliable Dayton Ohio roofing companies should begin with examining reputation, reliability, and […]

Siding Series 5: Choosing the Right Siding

We have covered how to tell if you need new siding and why siding is such a fundamental part of your house. We have also covered various options for your home in the last two articles of the series. Even though you’re likely accustomed to seeing vinyl adorn the homes in most neighborhoods, it turns […]