Why is my chimney leaking?

Many homes in Ohio are built with brick or stone chimneys.  If you are the owner of one of these homes odds are that at some point your chimney will require maintenance.  After years of exposure to the elements the ability of the chimney to keep out water may fail causing leaks which may need […]


As wintertime approaches in Ohio it may be time to think about scheduling a roof inspection with a Dayton Ohio certified roofing contractor. Fall is the best time of the year to have any minor roofing repairs done to ensure that your roofing system holds up through the sometimes long cold winters in Ohio. Although […]


We are still completing many projects from last years hail storms.  Asphalt shingle damage from hail can be hard to detect from the ground and often must be inspected by a qualified roofer.   Certified roofing inspectors are industry recognized and able to differentiate  between mechanical damage and actual weather related damages. Todd Brandewie and […]

Hail Damage in Ohio

Hail is a fact of life here in Ohio, pounding our homes, our cars, and anything else that happens to be outside when the storm starts. We expect the roof on our homes to protect our families and possessions from the effects of the weather around us. They cover us 24 hours a day, 365 […]

Causes of Wind Damage and Assessing Its Damage to Roofs in Ohio

While it makes sense that a roof can be damaged during a tornado, a roof can also be damaged when winds are not as strong or sustain. The moderate, gusty winds here in Ohio can also cause damage.  Anywhere the materials that make up your roof are even the least bit loose, the suction of […]

Summer Roof Care Tips

Summer is a great time for taking care of thing around the outside of your house. Honey-do lists abound, full of lawn care, landscaping, and do-it-yourself projects. While we here at Van Martin Roofing don’t want to add work to anyone’s list, we know that summer time is good time to get up on your […]

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