Ice Dam Horror Stories

It’s a familiar scene in winter, icicles dangling from the gutters, sometimes spanning from the edge of the roof all the way to the ground. And while it can often make for a great photo opportunity, it can also leave permanent damage to homes. Below are some of the worst cases of ice dam build […]

Free Roof Nominations Now Being Accepted

TODAY begins the process of accepting nominations for families in the Miami Valley who are deserving of a free roof. We’re looking for every family who is faced with great adversity. For these families, everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. Money that may have been allocated to maintaining the roof is now being […]

Kick Out the Cold with Improved Attic Insulation

I don’t know about you, but my energy bills continue to increase this winter. According to national projections, heating bills will rise 20% for oil households, 15% for natural gas, 13% for propane, and 5% for electricity. If you are tired of paying high heating bills like me, or of being too cold because you […]

Leaking Skylights in Winter: Why Is My Skylight now a Faucet?!

Recently, I heard yet an another case of leaking skylights in winter, so without further ado, I have solutions for you. Let There Be Light…not Water! What better way is there to naturally warm a home during the chilly months in Dayton than with Skylights? (Assuming it’s sunny outside, of course.) Capturing the bright sunlight […]

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has gained popularity recently, with good reason. The advantages of metal roofing are abundant, causing more and more homeowners to choose this option when installing or replacing a roof. Energy Efficient The reflective nature of metal roofs lowers energy use and utility bills. During the hot summer months, a metal roof reduces the […]

Onward to 2013 as a Super Service Business

For this post, we simply wish to thank you, from a humbled super service business, to our super awesome customers. Thank you, our wonderful customers, for having the foresight to pick a roofing company that makes no compromises in quality or experience and for reinforcing our philosophy with your stellar feedback. Without you and our […]

Finding and Repairing Common Roof Leaks

When inspecting your roof in the spring or fall, you should look for and repair roof leaks. Leaks often occur around shingles, near chimneys, or in roof valleys. Pay careful attention to these areas when looking for leaks. Shingle Leaks Whether shingles are composed of slate, shake, or composite, they can suffer damage resulting in […]

Choosing Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are vital in protecting your home against nature’s elements. When choosing a type of rain gutter, consider cost, durability, aesthetics, and maintenance. Each rain gutter material has its advantages and disadvantages as described below. Vinyl Rain Gutters Vinyl rain gutters have become popular among do-it-yourself homeowners because they’re easily installed, low-maintenance, affordable, and […]

Van Martin Roofing Now Recycling Shingles

Recognizing the importance of recycling shingles, Van Martin Roofing took action immediately when a shingle recycling facility opened a location in Dayton. By participating in shingle recycling, roofing contractors hope to place a dent in the 11 million tons of used residential shingle waste that is dumped in landfills annually. It can take up to 300 years […]

wind damage roof

Assessing Wind Damage to Your Ohio Roof

When Ohio homeowners encounter severe storms—or even the outer edges of a massive storm system, such as Hurricane Sandy —the high winds can cause roof damage. After a strong wind storm, it is essential to check for roof damage, such as damage to shingles and gutters. Neglecting to check for damages can lead to costly […]

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