Although a metal roof can truly be an excellent investment, there are many misconceptions about them. (For example: they do not turn your house or business into a lightning rod!)

Unleashing the Metal Roof Infographic

To honor this largely unheralded material, we have created the infographic below (click on the image to zoom in), containing some metal roof knowledge that is critical in order to make an informed decision.

Metal Roof KnowledgeSince shingles are extremely popular and a great choice for American residents, we use them to serve as a comparison with the benefits of metal roofing.

Beat the Weather

Metal roofs offer superior protection, outlasting the worst weather Mother Nature throws at them. In Dayton we’ve been experiencing historic lows with snow, wind, and ice – despite it all, a metal roof is typically warrantied to last at least 50 years, with some metal roofs living over a century!

Go Green

Metal also aligns perfectly with our Go Green efforts of environmentally consciousness and energy efficiency. At a time when the leaders of the world’s biggest economies are collaborating on an effort to lower emissions, we at Van Martin are looking for ways to step up to the plate as well. Metal roofs are a great response to the landfills that are piled high with the relatively short-lived asphalt shingles.

Expertise Required

A word of caution: installing a metal roof takes experienced professionals, as it is much more intricate than asphalt roofing. We have gained metal roof knowledge and expertise through installing roofs on residences and commercial buildings across the Miami Valley.

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