Emergency Roof Repair

The roof over your head is probably the most important component to your Dayton area home. It is exposed to nearly every weather element that Mother Nature can throw at it. Sometimes other hazards near your home such a trees or power lines can wreak havoc on your roof which requires emergency roof repair for your home.

Emergency Response

7cThe most critical damage that can occur to your roof requiring immediate service is a puncture to the roofing from tree branches or downed trees. Flying debris from high winds or tree branches can penetrate the roof, and leave the interior of your Dayton home immediately susceptible to further damage from the elements. The debris can also damage shingles, venting, and chimneys.

Downed power lines can also cause damage but, in this event, do not attempt to remove it yourself as you risk serious injury or death. Contact your fire department and utility company.

When your roof is damaged during a storm, you will need emergency roof repair done. Van Martin Roofing’s repair specialists are ready in emergencies and will perform a complete inspection of your roof to determine the location of any damage and leaks and also the best course of action to repair your roof. We will then install protection for your roof, such as tarping, until complete repairs can be done.

Whatever the condition your roof is in after being damaged, we will give you a reliable estimate and what it will take to repair it. In extreme circumstances, it may even be recommended that you replace the roof.

A Reliable Emergency Response Company

When it comes to roof repair, you should be able to depend upon a reliable roofing company with a stellar reputation. The Van Martin roofing team will work hard to give you reliable service when you need it the most and is ready around the clock to respond to emergencies.. You can be assured that you will receive the highest level of workmanship and response from our certified roofing team. Even though storm damage may cause you considerable distress, you can also be assured that our team will work with you through all parts of the process, including your insurance claim process.

Van Martin roofing is your go-to team for emergency roof repair for all types of roofing in Dayton: shingle, flat and metal roofs. When you have a roofing emergency, contact Van Martin Roofing.

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