Bevercreek ShinglesThis weekend marks the return of the annual Beavercreek Popcorn Festival, and as the season for outdoor festivals winds down, a season of torrent weather is just around the corner. Winter weather can cause significant damage to your Beavercreek home, which is why it’s so critical to ensure that your Beavercreek shingles are up to par before the weather turns frigid.

One of the biggest roadblocks when it comes time to shingle replacement can be the perception that it’s a costly repair. However, when put into perspective, it’s a lot less costly than you might think. Your roof guards what is likely your greatest investment—your house—from snow, hail, and the dreaded, Ohio freezing rain. Even so, your roof costs, on average, three percent of your home’s total price.

At the other end of the spectrum, many homeowners don’t know what the cost of a new roof should be and for good reason. It’s nothing like buying a pack of gum. Estimates can vary widely, and it’s enticing to give up or gravitate toward the lowest price.

A good starting point is right online. A great free resource and starting point to estimate how much shingle replacement will cost is the calculator at The calculator will assist you in assessing the fair market rate on your Beavercreek home’s shingle replacement. Below are the metrics used to generate an estimate of the cost.

Once you have a clear indication of what it will cost to replace your Beavercreek house’s shingles, the next step is to get a few estimates from esteemed, Dayton roofing companies that can give you a no-pressure quote. Finding the right local roofers to inspect your Beavercreek home is just as simple. Look into the Dayton BBB listing to find qualified and certified roofers.

There’s still time to prepare for winter, but it’ll be here before we know it. The sooner you start the process, the better chance you will choose the right roofing contractor to meet your needs in time to replace your home’s shingles. Below are the things that are


House Ground Dimensions:  __ x __  ft.
Roof Slope: Flat 3 (low slope), 5 (medium), 7 (medium), 9 (steep), 10 (steeper), 12 (very steep)
Roof Complexity: Simple roof, Medium difficulty, Very cut-up roof
Tear-off: YES – 1 layer, YES – 2 layers, NO tear-off
Number of Levels: 1 Level,  2 Levels,  3 Levels
Roofing Material: 30 yr. shingles, 50 yr. shingles, Steel Shingles, Aluminum Shingles, Standing Seam, PVC Roof 50-mil, TPO Roof 45-mil, EPDM (Rubber), Tar & Gravel/BUR
Region (US Only): National Average, New England, Mid Atlantic, South Atlantic, East South Central, West South Central, East North Central, West North Central, Mountain Pacific