7 Ways to Improve Your Dayton Home’s Curb Appeal

Obtaining Dayton roof repair services if your roof needs it from a reputable roofing company, such as Van Martin Roofing, isn’t just important for safety reasons – it’s also important for the curb appeal of your home. Your home’s curb appeal is important in establishing a positive first impression on guests and potential home buyers (if you plan on selling), not to mention being an important factor in the value of your home. A roof that showcases noticeable wear and tear will hurt your home’s curb appeal, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate in hiring a Dayton roof repair service.

Stone Siding

Repairing your roof isn’t the only way to improve your curb appeal, however. The following are a few inexpensive updates that you can make to your Dayton home that are sure to improve its looks:

  • Paint the Front Door – The entrance is often the focal point to your home since it’s what every visitor sees first when they enter. Provide a new coat of paint for your door to help it stick out and don’t be afraid of going with a bold color either.
  • Add New Hardware – Replace that old doorknob with a beautiful new handle. Also, consider adding new house numbers, locksets, and light fixtures.
  • Replace Your Old Mailbox – If your old mailbox is looking a bit worse for wear, replace it with a brand new one.
  • Install Outdoor Lighting – Pick up some landscape lights and line them up along your walkway to help improve safety, as well as make your landscape stand out even at night.
  • Add a Garden – Purchase some beautiful plants and colorful flowers and set them up outside your home. You don’t even have to plant them – just leave them in their containers on your deck or front steps to instantly give your home a boost of natural beauty.
  • Install Window Boxes – Another way to add some greenery to your home’s exterior is by installing window boxes and planting some colorful flowers in them.
  • Add a Bird Bath – Not only does adding a bird bath to your yard provide it with a sculptural element, it will help attract the birds!

Consider these affordable updates to improve your Dayton home’s curb appeal – home improvement doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Remember also to have Dayton roof repair done, if your roof needs it! Van Martin is a fully licensed and certified Dayton roof repair company with a reputation for providing quality services. Contact Van Martin Roofing today for any roofing or exterior needs your home may have.

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