Counter Flashing Loose

Counter flashing is metal flashing installed into the wall to protect the roof membrane from coming loose from the wall as it transitions from the roof area. Counter flashing can also be used in conjunction with ell flashing at the same detail area. On a Bonita Springs roof the counter flashing, which has a concealed […]

Fair/Unfair Metals Touching

When two different types of metals, fair and unfair as they are called, come in contact a chemical reaction occurs. Electrolysis uses moisture as catalysis at a molecular level to pass ions from one metal to the other. The process causes a deterioration of both metals similar to the effects of rust. Using two different […]

Pan Roof Tie-In not Correct

Vents are installed on the roof to allow for attic airflow. These vents should not be longer than four feet in length and should be installed at an angle. As water flows down the roof it often is blocked behind the vent creating a small area of water ponding. Ponding water is water sitting on […]

Turbine Vents Not Working /

Turbines, or whirly birds, are not currently constructed to meet new hurricane codes. The manufacturer recommends removing the top and placing a cap placed over the base in the event a storm is approaching. Additionally, in a high wind, driven rain situation water enters the vent through the vent’s “gills”. We have found bearings to […]

Drip Edge with Flat Shelf

Often associated with gutter installation and plumb fascia boards, perimeter drip edge flashings can create a shelf or ledge about three inches from the roofs edge. This shelf creates a flat roof area at the roof’s perimeter. Since this roof system is not a flat roof, the perimeter flashings are not designed to allow for […]

Broken Roof Surface

As a roof expands and contracts the roof system moves. This is a daily occurrence and is associated with Thermal Shock. During movement the metal panels bind against each other. Sometimes a tree branch or flying debris may impact the roof causing damage. 3rd party damage is another issue. As people walk across the roof […]


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