Help! My Window is Stuck Open and It’s Storming!

It is raining and the window will not close. What can you do? You can’t go out and get replacement windows at a time like this. Most likely you are in an older Dayton home with wood frame windows that have received multiple coats of paint over the years. Paint is one of the main problems with windows becoming stuck, but since the window is up, there is a good chance it is not painted in place. Although, multiple coats of old paint could still be making it jam. Here are some ideas to try to get that window to close without causing, window replacement, energy efficient, window repair

Block the Rain

If it is at all possible, find some way to block the rain! When the rain hits that window frame, it will cause it to swell which will just make matters worse. Is there an outer screen on the window? If so, you are in luck. Slide some poster board or tape something like foil or plastic wrap on the edge of the screen. You might even be able to attach something to the outside of the window that will hang down, blocking the rain.

Un-Jamming the Window

Tools you will need include:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Block of wood wrapped in a thick cloth (washcloth will do)
  • Hammer
  • Wide scraper or putty knife

If you have a rubber mallet, great! If not, a hammer and covered block of wood will do in a pinch. Look at the bottom of the stuck window. Most likely it was not opened evenly and this is why it will not slide down. Using the rubber mallet, or hammer and block, gently tap the lowest side of the window up. Your goal is to make it level so it will slide closed. Try this several times.

If this doesn’t fix it, try and work from the sides of the window. Take the wide scraper or putty knife, or even a strong kitchen spatula, and wedge it in the cracks. Be gentle to try to prevent damage to the frame. Use the hammer again and tap gently to try and loosen it, working your way around the window.

Hopefully one of these two techniques will work. But if they don’t, cover the window up as best you can with plastic and look into having it professionally repaired. You, also,  just may want to look into replacement windows at this time.

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