What Does A Good Dayton Roofing Job Look Like?

roofing dayton ohio, van martin, shingle roofWhat Does a Good Dayton Roofing Job Look Like?


Roofing projects are undoubtedly among the most expensive in home maintenance and upkeep. Unfortunately, even though the cost is high, receiving a bad Dayton roofing job is far too common. That being said, how do you know if your Dayton roofing contractor did a good job on your residential or commercial roof?

There are several ways to tell a quality roofing contractor apart from a shoddy one. Below we’ve listed several ways to identify a good Dayton roofing job from a bad one:


After any sort of roofing services are performed, give it a proper inspection. While doing so, your roof should look completely consistent throughout every square foot. An experienced roofing contractor will install shingles from bottom to top, thus creating a more uniform appearance. 

Worksite Practices

Reliable roofing companies will leave your property as they found it. Any and all materials used on site should be picked up, including stray nails, extra supplies, or old shingles. It should never be the responsibility of the home or business owner to pick up after the contractor. 

Method of Inspection

Take notice of how your contractor assessed your property. Did they charge you for the initial inspection? Did they make sure to check the roof decking? Were they thorough in their questions about your property? A good contractor would leave no room for error, and give your property a rigorous examination.


With proper roof maintenance, an asphalt shingle roof should last about 15-30 years, a modified bitumen system should last 10-16, and a metal roofing system should last about 30-45 years. To learn more about the longevity of different systems, click this link here.


To prevent any future water leaks, any good contractor should install flashing materials around the edge of your roof, vent pipes, and chimneys. Some contractors will resort to sealant or caulking to save on cost, but this will only cause more roofing problems down the line.

Your property should look good and be prepared for the worst winds and storms. Hold your local contractors to these standards. After all, you should get what you paid for. 

Need Help Finding A Reliable Contractor?

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